What Would Jesus Buy?

Commercial Capitalism for Christmas

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An examination of the commercial-ization of Christmas in America while following Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse (the end of humankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt.)

The film also delves into issues such as the role sweatshops play in America’s mass consumerism and Big-Box Culture. From the humble beginnings of preaching at his portable pulpit on New York City subways, to having a congregation of thousands – Bill Talen (aka Rev. Billy) has become the leader of not just a church, but a national movement.


The Gospel of Consumption by Jeffrey Kaplan

The Century Of The Self By Adam Curtis (2002; must-see)

The Story of Stuff By Robert Weissman (+ video)

6 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Buy?

  1. Love Rev. Billy. I almost followed in his career footsteps: theater, soapboxes, preaching the unsaid gospel, choirs. The whole Church of Stop Shopping team is excellent.

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  6. Thanks, Lo. I loved that! My favorite place to shop is the antique store and Goodwill. This movie reminded me of an old Steve Martin movie, I can’t recall the title.

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