Mumbai terrorists used Chechen tactics

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The terrorists in the Indian city of Mumbai, who killed more than 150 people and injured over 300, used the same tactics that Chechen field militants employed in the Northern Caucasus, says Russian counter terrorism presidential envoy Anatoly Safonov.

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3 thoughts on “Mumbai terrorists used Chechen tactics

  1. You people want to blame the US for everything. Well I don’t because the US has saved several countries in which I have lived from various forms of tyranny, ranging from National Socialism (Hitler) through to the murderous bastards who called themselves Communists and killed more than Hitler could ever dreamed of in his wildest moments.

    It is far too easy to start apportioning blame over the Mumbai bombings but undoubtedly, the historic rivalry between India and Pakistan has a great deal to do with it and their borders were lines drawn on a map by British bureaucrats. As with Africa, notions of national natural division were ignored, along with tribal considerations. As someone who knows more than a little about the subject of terrorism, I would offer an early conjecture that LeT carried out the attack.

    As Lenin observed, “the objectives of terror is to terrorize” and in so doing create an alarmed and fearful population. This has been achieved in part but the Indian authorities appeared to have reacted very slowly in the first instance. Whether the attack poses a threat to the internal stability of India remains an open question. I leave it to your resident conspiracy theorists and the “hate Amerika first” brigade to stew in their own juices before resorting, as they inevitably do, to blaming the CIA. The particular organization lost credibility a long time ago and should have been disbanded and replaced by a professional, non-politicized body.

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