Ralph Nader Challenges Obama while visiting UB Law School

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Ralph Nader visits the University at Buffalo Law School


False “Uncle Tom” Anger

Ralph Nader’s Statement on the Truncated Quotation Used by Shepard Smith on Fox News

With Ralph Nader on Election Night + Nader speaks on an Obama presidency

10 thoughts on “Ralph Nader Challenges Obama while visiting UB Law School

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  2. The ONLY other time I have heard the term “Uncle Tom” used to describe a politician was in a tirade against the former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, by a fellow African American. Nader said that “Obama could choose to be an ‘Uncle Tom’.” In the story of Uncle Toms cabin, Uncle Tom is a slave that tried hard to get along with the owners rather than struggle for justice. That sounds like what Obama is planning for himself. Again, Nader tells it like it is.

  3. Dandelion Salad did not voice an opinion on this topic, but presented it like many other topics in the news. DS has posted almost all the videos with Ralph Nader during this past campaign season. Do I agree with everything that Nader has to say? Of course, not.

    Sorry you feel the way you do. If you are looking for complete agreement among “progressives”, good luck, I don’t believe you’ll find it.

    That is why I constantly say that we must put our petty (and not so petty) political differences aside and come together to take back our country.

  4. Epppie, that was a bit extreme, wouldn’t you say? Mary gave her opinion, you gave your’s, no need to tell her or anyone else to F-off.

    This surprises me greatly as I thought you always aligned yourself with peaceful protests. For world peace to happen each one of us must choose to be peaceful.

  5. I’m gonna say a little more about this, as my swan song here at Dandelion Salad. I was hoping maybe to catch on here a little, because it really would be nice to find some progressive community. And in fact, I’m generally very much a Nader booster. I’ve defended him many times. But I won’t defend him when he’s wrong and shame on you for doing so. You people sound exactly like the Busheviks who defend Bush no matter what, and the Obamaheads who defend Obama no matter what.
    If we want to have a legitimate progressive candidate, he or she sure as hell can’t be someone who uses racial slurs to make a point, and sure as hell can’t be someone who then persists in defending that racial slur.

    So fare well and fuck you Dandelion Salad.

  6. Get over it, Epppie. What racial slur? Weren’t you listening? You are taking Nader’s use of the term “uncle Tom” out of context. Nader would have been one hell of a great president. He did not abuse any political process, but instead saw the paralysis of the two-party system. He’s right – Obama is the status quo. All those Clintonites he’s choosing for his Cabinet are nothing but a rerun of the same old game show.

  7. I think this is very, very sad. Nader is right on every issue, but it’s unacceptable for a presidential candidate to use a racial slur. But it’s not really surprising that Nader would continue to justify his use of that slur, because I don’t think he has ever seen himself as an actual candidate. That is, I don’t think he has ever really wanted to participate directly in government. I think he just wants to raise issues – in other words, that he is an activist that uses campaigns as stunts. And I think that’s an abuse of the political process to begin with.

    Don’t run unless you want to govern, and if you actually want to govern, don’t use racial slurs.

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