Bruce Fein: Army to deal with potential domestic “civil unrest and crowd control”

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US prepares for “continuity of government”


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December 1, 2008 10:00 a.m.
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US prepares for “continuity of government”
Bruce Fein: Army to deal with potential domestic “civil unrest and crowd control”

Civil liberty groups within the U.S. are expressing concern about the federal government’s preparations for potential domestic emergency situations.  As of October the U.S. government has deployed a full army brigade to be on duty to deal with civil unrest and crowd control.  The Real News spoke to American Freedom Project founder, Bruce Fein to discuss the constitutional significance of these preparations.

According to Fein the central concern revolves around a provision made to the Posse Comitatus Act, “which makes it a crime to use the military for domestic law enforcement unless congress has expressly authorized an exception to that prohibition.”  He says a provision sponsored by Sen. John Warner has created a giant loophole within the act that “basically endows the President with authority at his own unilateral discretion, to decide that he will use the military anytime he wishes for domestic law enforcement purposes.”

Fein sees this loophole and the deployment of a U.S domestic army as an infringement on the constitution.  He comments on how such directives are being discussed and implemented in private without public knowledge. “It’s outrageous in my judgment that these ideas or plans for a “continuitive” government…should occur in secret.”


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  3. So, Mr. Fein, How do you feel now about impeaching Bill? And why work so hard now to defend a constitution that allowed you to prosecute that president then for frivolity, and failed to prosecute the present one for war-crimes?

    It’s scary to think of troops and tanks in the streets controlling the coming riots, but then this is the life we’ve willed upon third world nations for decades.

    Maybe military martial law is what the american people crave, after all their soldiers are somehow still their ‘heroes’, even after all that unprovoked horror overseas.

    Maybe it’s simply too much work to have to think for ourselves. Maybe it would be more secure with a strong arm of stability, and the iron fist of amerigun might at home and abroad.

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