Free Press: Wanted, FCC Chair

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Free Press: Wanted, FCC Chair

Free Press just placed this help wanted ad in four major Washington publications.

Vote for your top qualifications and help America get the right person for the job.

The American public is inviting applications for the position of chair of the Federal Communications Commission. We seek a dynamic candidate who will champion the public interest at a time of hope and transformation for our national media.

Check the top three qualifications you most want for the FCC chair and then submit your vote to see the results:

The successful FCC chair would:

Please make up to 3 selections from the choices below.
Increase licenses for low-power FM stations nationwide
Offer more radio and TV licenses to women and minorities
Protect an open Internet by enforcing Net Neutrality
Create open access standards for mobile phone networks
Use federal programs like the Universal Service Fund to deliver
broadband to rural communities
Open more public airwaves to high-speed Internet access
Foster more competition among wired and wireless Internet service providers
Stop propaganda, fake news and radio payola
Encourage access to more diverse and independent content on cable networks
Break up media conglomerates and return stations to local control

Discuss other priorities you would like to see represented at the Help Wanted Ad blog post here.

Go here to vote: Free Press: Wanted, FCC Chair

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2 thoughts on “Free Press: Wanted, FCC Chair

  1. Guest experts appearing on news shows
    should be required to disclose whether
    they are paid experts and by whom they
    are paid.

    The Pentagon pays millions of dollars annually
    to retired military experts who then toe the
    Pentagon line. Similarly other experts, speaking
    about other issues must also disclose what, if
    any, financial ties they have to the issue on
    which they are speaking.

    The people need to be aware if these “experts”
    are actually paid lobbyists.

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