Political coup in Canada; Dion to replace Harper as new PM

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2 Dec 2008, 0739 hrs

TORONTO: In a political coup, Canada’s three opposition parties have joined hands to oust the just elected minority government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In a deal signed by the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party (NDP) and backed by the separatist Bloc Quebecois in Ottawa on Monday, the first two parties will form a new government, with the third supporting them from outside.

Under the deal, Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion will become the new prime minister till May when his party chooses a new leader to replace him.


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4 thoughts on “Political coup in Canada; Dion to replace Harper as new PM

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  2. And right you are, as usual. But I was wrong (as often), CA was surprisingly not part of the ‘coalition of the willing’ rather I meant to imply her complicity was with the afghanistan ‘action’.

  3. YAY!

    I LIKE this ‘Prime Minister’ idea. FIRE the f~~~ks at will.

    This ‘President’ as ‘Commandor in Thief’ appears to be a sad line in an otherwise exceptional document of doctrine down here– (perhaps Iraq and Vietnam would warrant an AMENDMENT to this otherwise venerable document please?)

    Now I can move North with ever more confidence, bringing some small business, jobs and commerce to a more deserving segment of our beauteous landmass (And they, these canooks, unlike the USA, actually APPRECIATE small businesses!).

    (But does this mean we can’t still indict Harper the Ripper for Warcrimes against the Harp Seals, and the Iraqis?).

    (So… as much as I love this source, exactly WHERE on the NYT front page did this appear?? Musta missed this rather important headline that they musta published in the fifth column of the ‘havens’ section which comes out like, next month, right?)

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