Nancy Pelosi Response by Plans Submitted to Congress by Automakers

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Speaker Pelosi News Conference Dec 02, 2008

10:19 – Dec 2, 2008



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6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Response by Plans Submitted to Congress by Automakers

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  5. It’s not her ball to hit – She said the request has to come from the Administration.. While the digital zeros bailout was bogus, the auto-industry is another matter.. We do not make the things we consume and that makes US vulnerable – in every respect..
    The US has a VERY BLEAK future unless We rebuild US manufacturing.. It is folly for any nation not to make the things they need and use..
    We’ve seen how the bank bailout card was loosely and liberally played..All that did was allow all the bookies to cover their bets – that’s why I call them banksters..

    We’ll see how the industrial manufacturing base of the US bailout card is played.. Other than the auto sector, my hunch is there won’t be one thin dime for rebuilding US manufacturing..

    Get used to doing without, because your money is worthless and your crops have already been sold..

    And nobody is building even the most basic of self-sufficiency industries in the US – eg, shoes (clothing), machining capabilities, non-consumptive energy supplies….

    Dog collars to micro-chips We had better become self-sufficient and productive as a nation, or, We will be impoverished…

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