Countdown: Michael Moore on the Auto Bailout + “Matthew Alexander” on Torture

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Keith talks to Michael Moore about the proposed bailout of the auto industry and how it should be handled.

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“Matthew Alexander” on Torture

Keith talks to author “Matthew Alexander” about which interrogation techniques work and why we should not be torturing prisoners.


Tonight’s: Society’s Loss is the Military’s Gain-Gate, Torture by Proxy-Gate and Our Attorney General is not Rational-Gate.


Detroit vs. Wall Street: The Trillion Dollar Class War by Cameron Salisbury

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Making Smarter Cars Instead of Stupid Decisions by William Cox

They Auto Know Better: Fueling Anti-Union Fires by Walter Brasch

Dr. J.’s Commentary: Why the Republicans Want to Kill GM

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6 thoughts on “Countdown: Michael Moore on the Auto Bailout + “Matthew Alexander” on Torture

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  6. Moore: Good point–throw the bums out that mismanaged the auto industry. But keep the industry–buy it at fair market value.

    Torture: It’s against the countries core values to start wars of aggression. Without wars of aggression, interrogation of prisoners is not needed. Aside from the, he makes some good points.

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