Israel willing to go it alone on Iran attack

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6 December 2008

excerpts from ‘Israel willing to go it alone on Iran attack

by Tim Butcher, Daily Telegraph, 5 December 2008

Israel is drawing up plans for an attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure that does not require America’s support, it has been claimed.

Israeli officials have said it would be difficult, but not impossible, to launch a strike against Iran without clear support from America.

One option would be to use Israeli submarines firing cruise missiles from off the Iranian coast in the Gulf.

Another might be to use Israel’s close links with Turkey to persuade Ankara to allow Israeli attack aircraft, air refuelling jets and pilot rescue helicopters to use Turkish airstrips.


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from the archives:

excerpts from ‘Meeting the challenge: US policy toward Iranian nuclear development

by Senators Daniel Coats and Charles Robb, et al., Bipartisan Policy Center, September 2008

A deterrence strategy against Iran must also include enhanced access to military facilities in countries East, West, and North of Iran. This involves diplomacy with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and possibly Pakistan to gain their approval to host the U.S. forces and support staff needed for military action. The United States has had access to some facilities in these countries for operations in Afghanistan, but Russian pressure has introduced interruptions and uncertainty in U.S. access; Uzbekistan cut of U.S. access to its air base in 2004. Pakistan is highly sensitive to any U.S. presence and is unlikely cooperate with the United States against Iran. Azerbaijanad the United States cooperate in Caspian Sea security, and Azerbaijan appears the most likely anchor of a northern containment strategy for Iran. Turkey is a NATO ally, but its leadership is unreliable, and its cooperation with Iran on energy projects and other issues will dissuade Ankara’s participation in U.S. military strategy against Iran. The bjctive would be to enable U.S. military as broad access as possible to Iran from all directions.


Israeli bombers cannot traverse Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf, and Iraq without detection and, perhaps, engagement. It is possible that Turkey would allow Israeli fighters to traverse its airspace, but because all of the fighters would need to enter Iran from the same direction, the pilots would be exposed. Regardless of how Israel might try to strike, it is likely that Iranian air defense will know that the Israelis are on their way before they reach Iranian airspace.

3 thoughts on “Israel willing to go it alone on Iran attack

  1. We might as well get it over with, the sooner we fuck ourselves up the sooner we will learn not to fuck ourselves up, ww3 lets get it over with.

    Was that too cynical?

  2. Watched this last night and after sleeping on it can come back here and say it is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen yet and I’ve seen some nonsense over the years, I’ve seen HUMMVE indiscriminately shooting Iraqi motorists on the freeway, a crash victim blown up by a remote bomb, UK troops revelling in the severe beating of kids and of course Abu Graib to mention a few!
    So let me explain, this video goes along way to proving who this guy really is, a mouthpiece for the elite, something he has claimed from day one I might add.
    There is nothing overly disturbing with the onset of the great depression and the reasons for this we can all see that. The other historical facts mentioned I’ve known for some time, thanks BBC
    The disturbing section is where he says the elite are doing this and to the General public the message is prepare for this! Don’t resist, hunker down and be good model citizens! (now that to me proves he is who he says he is). He says the elite have a moral code (try telling an Iraqi that?) He says they are warning you of whats to come and I can agree they have all be it with lies to try justify things.
    He then goes into the religious rant, in hard times look to God (its always conforting to have faith in something in dire times ) Just look back and you’ll see they gave the Black Slave community God and what a great mind control that was? Its always nice to know when times are hard something or one is looking out for you. He may as well come right out with it Assimilate, Resistance is futile!
    Then all you have to do is go back no more than 6 months to all the stories of all the Pastors being recruited to console the public during hard times!!
    So in a nut shell if it does get as bad as he predicts and a new wave of religious righteousness sweeps the States. One can expect linching because one doesn’t dress right, because one has more bread in his cupboard, because one speaks out against the elite or God!!
    I certainly wouldn’t want to be around then (
    Oh and I’d have a hunch he believes he has the moral high ground being religious ie. racist, he had 20 min discussion on what the Middle East would become, I wonder if Greedy and Deserving passed their lips?? Lead us not into temptation et al. I’m guessing its OK for him if he and they are doing the Lords work?


  3. The crimanal state of Israel needs to be stopped before they start a nuclear holocaust that engulfs the world.

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