Buyer beware! Obama named “Marketer of the Year”

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By Tom Eley
6 December 2008

About three weeks before he won the general election, President-elect Barack Obama was delivered a different sort of distinction—from the advertising world. Obama was named “Advertising Age’s marketer of the year for 2008.” The annual award is voted upon by hundreds of advertising executives and marketers at the annual Association of National Advertisers conference, entitled “Masters of Marketing.”

Obama beat out the marketing campaigns of Apple computers,, Coors beer, and Nike athletic apparel for the award at the Orlando conference, which was held between October 16 and 19. The trade journal Advertising Age selected the shortlist, which was voted upon by the more than 700 industry executives and experts in attendance. John McCain, Obama’s Republican rival, was also placed on the list of nominees. However, he attracted only 4.5 percent of the vote, as compared to Obama’s 36.1 percent.


via Buyer beware! Obama named “Marketer of the Year”.


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3 thoughts on “Buyer beware! Obama named “Marketer of the Year”

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  2. Hence going up against the most effective “Branding Campaign” in history, the truth, in the form of Ralph Nader, never had a chance to see the light of day..

    File under “Sad but True”

    Obama, the new, darker, face of Imperialism.

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