US to unveil charges in Blackwater shooting + Blackwater guards ‘charged with manslaughter’

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“They behaved like cowboys on the streets of Baghdad” – a damning accusation directed at five decorated war veterans facing criminal charges over the shooting of Iraqi civilians.

They have now been ordered to surrender themselves to the FBI.

Al Jazeera’s Owen Fay reports.

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Blackwater guards ‘charged with manslaughter’ over Iraqi deaths

Deborah Haynes, in Baghdad
December 8, 2008

America is preparing to reveal criminal charges against several Blackwater security guards over a shooting incident in Baghdad last year that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead, including children, and triggered outrage across Iraq.

Relatives of the victims are demanding the death sentence. One also expressed distress that it has taken the US Justice Department so long to reach this stage.

Five of the contractors are expected to face charges including manslaughter and using a machinegun in a crime of violence, which carries a mandatory 30-year prison term. A sixth guard has struck a plea deal in Washington in return for a shorter sentence, according to the Associated Press, which cited people close to the case.


via Blackwater guards ‘charged with manslaughter’ over Iraqi deaths – Times Online.

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  1. They are mercenaries, hooligans, paid thugs who were deliberately given no legal oversight so that they may be used to commit whatever crimes the Bush administration wished.

  2. Spit, stop portraying these men as Army/Marine personnel.
    These men are Blackwater Employees, televise them in Blackwater employee Uniforms[private contractor’s].
    This is a dis-service to the Real men and women of the Air-Force, Army, Navy, and Marines whom serve the country, out of Pride and Patriotism, not for bills and kills.

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