Fitzgerald: No evidence Obama knew of Blagojevich’s scheme (updated)

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By Marisa Taylor
McClatchy Newspapers
December 9, 2008

WASHINGTON — Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday on charges of trying to trade President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat for a lucrative job in the future Obama administration.

Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor who brought the charges, described the allegations against Blagojevich as a “political corruption crime spree,” but emphasized that he had no evidence Obama was aware of the scheme.


via McClatchy Washington Bureau | 12/09/2008 | Fitzgerald: No evidence Obama knew of Blagojevich’s scheme.


Probe of IL governor touches Tribune reporting, editorials

Nick Juliano
The Raw Story
Tuesday December 9, 2008

Blagojevich tried to axe pro-impeachment editors, paper held some reports on probe

Chicago’s largest newspaper has become a peripheral piece of the scandal enveloping Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

The FBI alleges that the Democratic governor wanted to get some Chicago Tribune editors fired after they argued for his impeachment, and the paper acknowledged that it had withheld some damaging stories about Blagojevich’s shady dealings at the request of federal prosecutors.


via The Raw Story | Probe of IL governor touches Tribune reporting, editorials.




December 09, 2008 CNN

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7 thoughts on “Fitzgerald: No evidence Obama knew of Blagojevich’s scheme (updated)

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  2. I doubt very much that we would be hearing a _thing_ about Blagojevich trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat if he hadn’t called the Bank of America on its little scam with the CEO’s of Victory Windows, to allow them to bust the union and move the company out of state, if not overseas.


    News story Monday 8th Dec

    Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, cuts off credit to Bank of Amercia on Monday and becomes the worker’s hero!

    In a stinging note of support for the laid off workers that have taken up residency in Chicago’s Republic Windows & Doors factory, the Governor of Illinois has suspended business with Bank of America until it reissues credit to the shuttered company.

    Bank of America cut off credit to Republic Windows & Doors company last week, and workers, demanding severance pay, began staging sit-ins, effectively taking control of the building.

    Tuesday, 9th Dec. He’s busted on fraud charges. Hmm. l

    Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich appeared in court Tuesday afternoon to hear corruption charges against him. Bail was set at $4,500, and Blagojevich was then released on his own recognizance. He also had to forfeit his passport.
    Rod Blagojevich is currently serving his second term as governor of Illinois.

    Rod Blagojevich is currently serving his second term as governor of Illinois.

    U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald declared Tuesday a “sad day for government.”

    “Gov. Blagojevich has taken us to a new low,” he said. “This conduct would make [Abraham] Lincoln roll over in his grave.”

    Fitzgerald said the government had bugged the governor’s campaign office and placed a tap on his home phone.

    FBI agents arrested Blagojevich, a Democrat, and his chief of staff, John Harris, without incident at around 6:30 a.m. (7:30 a.m. ET) Tuesday, FBI spokesman Ross Rice told CNN.

    Each was charged with a count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and a count of solicitation of bribery, authorities said.

    Them damm Conspiracy theorists!

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  5. This makes Whitewater look like a family picnic.

    Obama is the first president of whom impeachment has been mentioned before he even takes office !

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