Torturing Democracy

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

Best quality video: Torturing Democracy

The annotated transcript of “Torturing Democracy” provides the script of every word spoken during the 90-minute documentary, backed up with specific citations, footnotes and links, and includes documentation for the dramatizations in the film. Posting the annotated transcript allows viewers to check the facts for themselves, and enables researchers to build on the reporting to take the story even further.

To download this 385k file in PDF format, click here.

For more info. see: Bush White House ‘endorsed torture’


Torture on Dandelion Salad

3 thoughts on “Torturing Democracy

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  2. I watched this documentary on ICH this morning. Powerful and disturbing. Kinda changes the meaning of Proud to be an American.

    • Bunkie, yes, it does. If Obama can change one thing only, I would like him to eliminate torture from US policy. Closing Gitmo is a start.

      I saw this on ICH (link above) but realized I had already posted it on another post in Oct., so made a new one with a link to it and the video available on 3 sites. Don’t know how long it will stay up on YouTube, so opted not to post all 10 here.

      Hope everyone watches, then contacts their Congresspeople.

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