Bailout for the People: “The Cook Plan” by Richard C. Cook

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This has been revised, please see Bailout for the People: “The Cook Plan” by Richard C. Cook

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Cook-Richard C.

How to Save the U.S. Economy by Richard C. Cook

What is to be Done? By Michael Hudson and Jeffrey Sommers

Debit, credit, banco! By Rudo de Ruijter

The Economy Sucks and or Collapse 2

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  5. Okay new age citizen!! Though you obviously don’t believe in Jesus Christ; you make some very good points! You are not as devilish as the new world order fascist anti-Christ; but you are still unknowingly in their camp and on their side of deception. And though lucifer is still your daddy and theirs; you guys are just brothers who are different in your beliefs but have the same father.

    But if we adhered to what you are proposing; we would still have a better world with less of the devil running it! But he would still run it because this is his world. And only Jesus will oust him when He returns and conquers the world with his mighty angels. Why would God need to destroy the Earth and plague the whole world and send Jesus to conquer it!? Because by this time; lucifer’s children would have killed 100’s of millions of His Children world-wide; who wouldn’t take his zombie making beast chip that is spoken about in Revelation chapters 13 and 14 !!

  6. All of the reforms mentioned require corrupt government to suddenly do the right thing. That won’t happen.

    I am wondering what do-it-yourself measures the people can take while the oligarchy is hunting us down. I support local alternative currency and see it as an antidote to globalism.

    Social credit, if it is to arrive, will come from the bottom rather than the top.Raftshol for Governor 2010

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  10. Thanks for the additional comments and the typo correction. I have been getting many positive comments on the proposal. I really do believe it is the simplest and most effective way to solve the crisis.

  11. The ninth plank of my “New Agenda for America” calls for an end to the Federal Reserve. I think Richard Cooks prescription is one of the best models that I have yet encountered to fullfill that requirement.

    But to prevent our fall from Democratic Republic to Fascist Empire will require many other bold, non-compromising changes to occur simeltaneously. I have tried to enumerate some of the more important changes in the 10-Plank “New Agenda for America.”

    Finally, I think the most important thing we can do now, and I mean immediately, is to impose a nation-wide moritorium on all further forecosures or evictions from primary residences. Non-working residents should also be absolved from paying property and other taxes.

    This is the “End Game” of the Globalist Agenda. They want to leave the American Worker both homeless and pennyless in order to impose the final solution: An Elitest Global Government. Insuring that Americans have adequate food and shelter, as described above, will defend against what could otherwise be the fatal blow to the American Working Class.

    I like to think of the “New Agenda for America” as an antidote to the disease that can be described as :”Elitest One World Government.” Each plank, in one way or another, destabilizes the infrastructure required to impose :”Elitest One World Government..”

    Here are the initial 10 planks:

    NEW AGENDA FOR AMERICA: Preliminary Planks
    Help Influence the 2008 Presidency
    [More info: and click on topic]

    (1) Universal Health Care for All American Citizens
    (2) A 20-year moratorium on all immigration into the United States
    (3) Legal Marijuana for all Adults and Medical Patients
    (4) An immediate reversal to the Offshoring and Inshoring of American Jobs
    (5) A strict enforcement on issues of Separation of Church and State
    (6) An immediate move from so-called Free Trade Agreements to Bilateral Trade agreements
    (7) A major R&D project to bring energy independence to the United States and the World through recycling, reuse, ending hyper-consumerism and investing in the development of sustainable energy sources (e.g., solar, photovoltaic, wind, geothermal)
    (8) No further ownership of US Assets (businesses, homes, ports, stock exchanges) by foreign governments or individuals!
    (9) Replace the Federal Reserve with a People’s Reserve which allows public oversight
    (10) Absolute support for Net Neutrality

  12. As a Social Crediter, I fully agree with the contents of this article. With the common folk beginning to hurt, the time has now come to get the Social Credit message across to them again, as was done in the 1930ies. Let the revolution begin! Please note the following typo: “Secretary of the Treasury Paulson’s $700 trillion financial industry…….”. It should be $700 billion.

  13. The Cook Plan could also be used to eliminate the Insurance Industry, another High Speed Criminal Ripoff Racket!!

  14. Thanks for the comments. A point that I came to late in the article that I might have emphasized more, is that all the financial system bailouts are based on supply-side economics; i.e., more and more production. It was Wally Klinck who points out the absurdity of this approach. Why produce more when people can’t afford to buy it without incurring more debt? It is incredible to me that more people don’t see this, or don’t want to.

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  17. Banking 101

    I am surprised that little analysis of the credit crunch occurs. Banks not lending to banks, and for some reason, that really matters, and it means that banks can’t lend to businesses, so liquidity dries up.

    For the US, who often see themselves as the centre of the world, most times complaints about banking go back to “olde europe” taking over from greenbacks or colonial scrip, et al.
    Rather than ponder whether it may have had anything to do with having a currency compatible with trading with other countries, the focus is on how the US is constantly “ripped off” by “jewish bankers”.

    So what are banks are why do they need to lend to one another?
    Banks are licenced to create money out of nothing. It’s a core business to be money lenders, and they do it by double entry accounting.

    You or me are unlikely to get a licence to write new money, because we don’t have the resources to back up our money writing.
    Banks need to have actual asets, like buildings etc,, and are (or were) confined by an asset/loan ratio, that is, only a certain amount of assets is needed to make X amount of dollars of loans.
    Secondly, and this is where fundamentalist capitalism has really come undone, Banks best be regulated to ensure a prudent loans/deposit ratio, that is, a certain amount of deposits, to counter balance a larger number of loans.
    So Obama’s Bank bailout, if it’s as deposits in the banks, allows them to write more new loans, (hopefully into productive enterprises), rather than the banks having to borrow from other banks, who are all stuck unable to make loans.
    So a $600 bill bailout of banks could generate 5 or 6 times that amount of new fractional reserve money.
    But if they loan that excessively, it will be back to square one, so, I’m guessing that some will be maintained to increase the loans deposit ratios of the US banks.
    Chinese Banks have very prudent margins, and can stimulate their economy, but US Banks are in no position to.

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  20. A simple yet brilliant analysis and proposal that gets to the root of our current situation. Debt-based money is the current equivalent of God in the middle ages. Doubting is heresy, and non-believers must be silenced.

    Thank you for laying out in understandable terms the real roots of our problem. May we have the wisdom to throw off misguided beliefs, and the courage to take on the interests that would enslave us.

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