Iraqi elections: Elites to fight for power and oil

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Iraqi elections: Elites to fight for power and oil

Leila Fadel: Jan 31 provincial elections will not be a religious fight – but amongst the Shia elite

The Real News spoke to McClatchy Newspaper’s Baghdad bureau chief, Leila Fadel and discussed the possible ramifications of the January 31 provincial elections in Iraq.

According to Fadel, these elections will decide who the power players are across the country and she thinks there will be “an uptake in violence” as a consequence of the power strongholds of large regions “because that’s what’s going to eliminate the enemy.” She added that “the American military will be looking out for that” violence as this has been a central area of focus for US forces in the region in the past.

Many Iraqi’s hope for secular leaders focused on Iraq’s national interests, but the real battle will be between the elites of the Shia for control of the oil rich south. She says that people are “looking for an option but they just don’t have one, they don’t have anyone that can replace the current parties.”

Fadel suggests that the most pertinent issue to look at surrounding the January 31 elections would be political violence. “I would want to see who’s taking the major position in the provinces in the south.”


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Iraqi elites fight for position

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