Iraqi gov’t leaders fear Obama?

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Iraqi gov’t leaders fear Obama?
Fadel: Iraqi officials fear unconditional support from U.S. Oval Office will end with Obama Pt5/5

In our final segment with McClatchy Baghdad Bureau Chief, Leila Fadel we discuss the feasibility of the U.S. withdrawing from Iraq by 2011 and what could be expected if they do.

“With this new agreement, so much will change,” says Fadel although she does note that this is conditional upon the Arab version of the agreement being honored. According to Fadel this agreement will no longer require Iraq to uphold any pretense of respect for the U.S. stating, “There is no promise that Iraq will stay a friendly nation when we leave.”

With the new American president on the door step of the White House, Fadel says historically Iraq has always felt that “the face of the American White House changes but the policy never does.” With President elect Obama this may not be the case. She feels that “the Iraqi government is very afraid, very afraid because under the Bush administration they had almost a blank cheque policy” which garnered them the support of a Bush administration who in this new agreement “negotiated as if they were the weaker power.”

With the new President, Fadel says “They (Iraq) won’t have unconditional support,” and she believes that the new presidency was “part of the reason they had to sign this (agreement) and get it through and finished.”


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