Countdown: Cheney’s Admission of War Crimes + Dismantling Regulations

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Keith talks to Jonathan Turley about whether Dick Cheney has openly admitted to war crimes and that Obama has a decision to make about what sort of administration he wants to run and whether he’s going to let this go or not.


Bush Administration Dismantling Regulations

Keith talks to Chris Hayes about the Bush administration’s last push to dismantle every regulation that protects consumers and citizens on their way out the door.


Suspected war criminals safe in Britain


Lawyers and campaigners say legal loopholes make the UK a safe haven for thousands suspected of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, and are pushing for a change in the law.


Cheney Admits Authorizing Detainee’s Torture

Senate Report Finds Rumsfeld Directly Responsible for US Torture of Prisoners

2 thoughts on “Countdown: Cheney’s Admission of War Crimes + Dismantling Regulations

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  2. Clinton could have ezposed Bush the first crimes when he took office. Nothing was done.

    The same will happen in the Obama regime as concerns the crimes of the Bush the second regime.

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