Israeli Conscientious Objectors, Shministim, Send letter

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Support Israel’s young conscientious objectors. WWW.December18th.ORG Shministim say why they refuse to serve in an army that occupies the Palestinians.


Dear –,

This is it. The Shministim Day of Action is Thursday December 18th – can we count on you to be there as Israel’s young conscientious objectors present their case to Israel and to the world?

is is your last chance to support the Shministim before the December 18th Day of Action.

Please, hear their plea and do what you can.

Tamar Katz, one of the Shministim, was planning to write one last note to Jewish Voice for Peace supporters to ask for your help. But when she refused to put on the Israeli military uniform, she was put in solitary confinement. No phone calls, no contact, not even access to the most basic hygiene. Tamar is just 19 years old. In her own words:

“I am not willing to become one of those holding the gun pointed indiscriminately at Palestinian civilians, and I do not believe that such actions could bring any change except ever more antagonism and violence in our region.”

This is the last time we will write to you about the Shministim – and it’s your last chance to sign a letter of support. Please, I urge you to support these amazing, courageous, peaceful young people. They are our hope. They are the future. They need to know we are here for them. And if I haven’t convinced you, then take a look at the video they’ve created. It’s worth your two minutes.

Lo, quite honestly, our campaign to support the Shministim is the most meaningful work I’ve had the opportunity to support in a long time. They give me such hope. I hope they give you hope too, and that you acknowledge their gift of hope by doing as much as you can to help them.

Thank you,

Sydney Levy
Jewish Voice for Peace


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    U.S. resisters solidarity with Israeli “shministim” refusers

    Statement signed by over two dozen U.S. military war resisters

    December 18, 2008

    We are U.S. military servicemembers and veterans who have refused or are currently refusing to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    We stand in solidarity with the Israeli Shministim (Hebrew for “12th graders”) who are also resisting military service. About 100 Israeli high school students have signed an open letter declaring their refusal to serve in the Israeli army and their opposition to “Israeli occupation and oppression policy in the occupied territories and the territories of Israel.” In Israel, military service is mandatory for all graduating high school seniors, and resisters face the possibility of years in prison….

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