Jim Rogers: We’re going to have an inflationary nightmare

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Jim Rogers on Kudlow&Co. on 2008.12.13 said, that through the history when government prints such amount of money it always led to inflation.

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3 thoughts on “Jim Rogers: We’re going to have an inflationary nightmare

  1. There are solutions available that would turn things around; monetary reform. Why pay interest on monies created and backed by the people? Prisons were first created to hold debtors!
    Until we abandon the fractal reserve and eliminate interest to the wealthy it will only get worse…

  2. Interesting…I’m torn between whether we’re going to have tremendous inflation or massive deflation; probably both! This current mess is so far out of my expertise that all I know is, IT’S A MESS. A mess that’s not going to get better anytime soon.

    My State of Washington, my local King County, and my local City of Seattle are having to make a lot of cuts right now. Problem is, they’re cutting straight into the only existing assistance that the very poorest of the poor need…TO LIVE. I mean that in my area, which is one of the least hardest hit States in the country, within just a couple of months there will be no safety net. What will happen then? I don’t know, but with all the wealth this country has squandered, and with all the wealth that has been stolen from the hard working people who live in these United States, this is appalling.

    Love and respect from Janet Detwiler (ooppoddoo), and keep on truckin’, Lo!

    • Hi Oop, thanks for your commentary. It’s going to get much worse before it gets better, I’m afraid. How the govts can cut back on social services at this time is beyond my comprehension. They are asking for higher crime in their cities and possible revolt. Just look at Greece right now.

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