Joint effort – legalising marijuana

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Legalising marijuana will save America at least $US 14 billion a year, says the only full-time marijuana lobbyist on Capitol Hill, Aaron Houston, from The Marijuana Policy Project.

6 thoughts on “Joint effort – legalising marijuana

  1. Hemp=’s Farming, Fuel, Food, Fodder, Fertilizer, Clothing, Synthetics, Rope, Medical, and….. ?
    What a Petrol/Chemical Comp. to do ?
    Illegal Hemp=’s Continual Prison Influx[C.P.I.?].

  2. If not now when? A President who admits to smoking and inhaling. Tens of millions of citizens criminalized. Alienation amongst the citizens and policing unpopular laws. The economics alone demand a change. Everything from financing criminal enterprise to causing divisions amongst our peoples.
    This is such a non issue of the sixties; racism. sexism, homophopia, all more significant but lets just get on with rebuilding an integral functional society where all are welcomed and have respect for each other.

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