Police attacking protesters in New School Univ, NYC

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More lies from New School President Bob Kerrey


h/t: Randgríðr


New School University students in NYC have occupied bldg, demanding resignations and policy changes

by: randgrithr
Thu Dec 18, 2008 at 15:31:38 PST
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Action is going on NOW, if you are local PLEASE GET OUT IN THE STREETS!

They need local NYC based support, if someone wants to cut and paste this to the Orange Beelzebub or any other forum by all means do so.

From: m burgess
Date: Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 4:09 PM
Subject: activists needed: 65 fifth ave (between 13 & 14th)Last night, the NSU students took over the cafeteria in the building at 65 5th avenue (between 13 and 14). This morning, the administration prevented anyone from entering the building. Things got ugly when the police arrived with NSU Present Kerrey. (Only one student was arrested.) The cops have come and gone and come back again. After closing off the building, the admin finally let people withh ids back in. CLearly, they’re stumped about what to do. Civil Rights people, lawyers, press are here. The international action center is here. The students need more numbers to protest in front of the building. They’re calling for anti-war groups for support. The faculty (senate, all divisions and union of part-time faculty) overwhelmingly support No Confidence in Kerrey or Vice Pres J. Murtha, and the students are speaking to this and to larger issues, namely Kerrey’s support of the war, socially irresponsible investments and requesting removal of L-3 Communications chair from the NSU executive board. Please spread the word. The students are doing a nice job. They plan to stay until conditions are met. They could reallly use some support out front this afternoon, and into the night!


via Docudharma:: New School University students in NYC have occupied bldg, demanding resignations and policy changes.  plus more videos

h/t: Randgríðr

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