Raids on Seeds (LIFE, itself) … by Monsanto By Linn Cohen-Cole

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by Linn Cohen-Cole


I have been reporting on the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s raids on Mennonite dairy farmers, on the recent Ohio Department of Agriculture SWAT team raid on an organic coop, on the USDA’s terrible weapon against all farmers with animals (NAIS – the National Animal Identification System) – trying to give an idea of the destructive forces being used intentionally against non-corporate farming.

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But unless one sees what is happening to seeds themselves, one misses the scope of things.

Life itself depends on seeds.

Multinational biotech corporations such as Monsanto have been genetically engineering them, promoting GE-seeds as producing better yields, helping the starving of the world, using less pesticides and as a boon to small farmers.


via OpEdNews » Raids on Seeds (LIFE, itself) … by Monsanto.


The World According to Monsanto – A documentary that Americans won’t ever see (video)

A Moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods by F. William Engdahl


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  4. Save your seeds!
    Start a community seed bank.
    Stop buying their crap.
    Support organic farmers.
    Support local growers
    Send letters to everyone involved to voice your concern and opposition
    Share your knowledge
    Seven “S”‘s to save seeds from the “Seven Sisters”

  5. This is nuts! I think the corporations may have finally gone too far for event he apathetic US public.

    What has happened to the bill that Kucinich introduced to keep companies like Monsanto from suing farmers?

    One important item all writers on this subject seem to be leaving out is: Who are the major investors in Monsanto?

    If they do their research properly, they will discover that the Rockefeller’s and trusts and foundations controlled by them are the major investors. It’s another approach to the long standing embrace of eugenics by the most evil of all the money, the money of the Rockefeller’s.

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