Dick Cheney Channels Nixon

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Dick Cheney on Fox News Sunday talking about whether there are limits on Presidential powers during wartime.



8 thoughts on “Dick Cheney Channels Nixon

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  3. Rachel maddow just now deconstructs this interview in her brilliant style. Hope somebody got it on Utube.

    (AND she picks up on Wallace having to adjust the 911 ‘highpoint’ to ‘Lowpoint’– whata farcical Freudian non-slip, She’s so good).

    The biggest bailout in history won’t be the banks, it will be Botch’s epic pardon list.

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  5. Thanks Lo,

    Study his eyes, his compusure during the first half.
    I think he’s wild-eyed & white-lipped with fear.

    This is one of those admissions (911 being his ‘highpoint’), like his last admitting war-criminal torture, that will be analyzed like the Nixon Tapes in years to come.

    Let’s hope the people catch on (seem’s Wallace is finally asking some real questions…)

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