In Defense of Iran

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“In Defense of Iran – Notes From a U.S. Peace Delegation’s Journey Through the Islamic Republic” is a new book written by Phil Wilayto.

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This review was written by David Swanson, and the video produced and narrated by yours truly. Please pass it on!

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3 thoughts on “In Defense of Iran

  1. Thank you for reminding within this video the matter of the CIA’s overthrow of MOSSADEQ, who had created the model democracy in the Middle East.

    To date, in all discussions with Israelis who generally vilify Iranians as jihadists bent on the incineration of Israel, as well as all discussions with conservative warmongers who have been wanting to ‘nuke’ the place since the Shah was deposed, and generally everyone and anyone whom one speaks with, nearly all remain utterly oblivious to the fact that the Mullahs were brought about as a reaction to our very own CIA’s destruction of a model democracy in the region.

    I can’t say I can jive with Swanson’s rosy view of life in Iran under it’s current regime, but one thing is for certain: The strict Islamic scene in Iran today grew entirely out of the consequences of the meddling by the USA in the affairs of foreign lands.

    This was the first coup by the USA, a skill it honed in dozens of other overt and covert actions against foreign governments since then, almost always with disastrous consequences the scars of which we each generation seems to so patriotically bear.

    I want americons to know more about the truth of US ‘interventionism’ (‘pre-emptive’ or otherwise) which flowed from the time of the overthrow of Mohammed Mossadeq, why exactly they were done, under what legal jurisdiction, and what goals were actually sought and achieved, vs. the vast waste.

    Let’s talk about the rest of them, Vietnam, Latin America, East Timor, Grenada, Haiti, Iraq… etc. etc.
    Cold-war anti-communism? Or abusive US ‘national Interests’.

    “Americas chickens…. are coming home to roost”
    Albeit too little too late for the millions who died horrible deaths from war and poverty and subjugation and broken dreams, at our behest.

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