Why did Cheney confess on national television? + Will Bush Pardon Cheney on Christmas Eve?

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Why did Cheney confess on national television?

Michael Ratner: Cheney’s admission of guilt is a plea for a presidential pardon

The Real News spoke to Michael Ratner about Dick Cheney’s statements regarding U.S. counter terrorism measures and whether the use of torture as well as illegal wiretapping has been successful.  Dick Cheney acknowledged that he endorsed and supported such torture techniques including water-boarding. Ratner comments that “Cheney is running through a lot of the policies that have been condemned both in the United States as illegal and worldwide”

“I think people should understand that this was a pretty astounding statement” says Ratner in response to Cheney’s admission of illegal torture techiniques, he continues adding “here you have the vice president of the United States saying it’s okay to water board people and I approved it”

According to Ratner these admissions are a last minute attempt for members of the Bush administration to receive a pardon before Obama is sworn in, “this interview is leading up and putting pressure on Bush to give pardons to Bush himself and the rest of them.”


From Democrats.com email

Will Bush Pardon Cheney on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve 1992, defeated President George H.W. Bush pardoned Caspar Weinberger, Elliott Abrams, Duane Clarridge, Alan Fiers, Clair George, and Robert McFarlane for their Iran-Contra crimes. Not one served a single day in jail; Weinberger was about to go on trial and would have tied Bush himself to the scandal.

Will George W. Bush follow his father’s precedent and pardon Dick Cheney and his other criminal co-conspirators this Wednesday on Christmas Eve?

Last week, Cheney was all over TV setting the stage for pardons. He admitted he personally approved torture, but insisted it destroyed Al Qaeda and saved American lives.

According to a powerful article by David Rose in Vanity Fair, the Bush-Cheney torture regime accomplished exactly the opposite. The torture photos from Abu Ghraib helped Al Qaeda’s recruitment soar. U.S. officers in Iraq say torture-inspired attacks on U.S. soldiers were the #1 and #2 cause of soldiers’ deaths. CIA analysts say the “intelligence” produced by torture was worthless.

On November 20, Rep. Jerrold Nadler introduced H.Res. 1531 to urge Bush not to pardon his criminal co-conspirators. Nadler’s bill has 9 co-sponsors but we need every Representative (and Senator) to speak out against corrupt self-pardons.

If you haven’t signed our petition to Congress, please join over 48,000 who have:

Discuss this here:


Urge Eric Holder to Appoint a Special Prosecutor for Bush War Crimes

Last week three important Democrats – Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Sen. Carl Levin, and VP-elect Joe Biden – independently urged the Attorney General to investigate Dick Cheney’s torture confession. A growing chorus of newspapers (NY Times) and legal scholars (John Dean, Glenn Greenwald) agrees.

Prosecution of those responsible for torture is not optional – it is required by our obligations under the Geneva Conventions.

So we’ve joined forces with buhdydharma and the Docudharma community to petition Obama’s AG nominee, Eric Holder, to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

Holder replied after receiving a few hundred emails: “Enough folks. I hear you.” That’s a start, but we’ve asked for a formal statement. And we’re collecting additional signatures to deliver when Holder goes before the Senate for confirmation hearings in January.

Please sign and spread the word!


Dick Cheney Channels Nixon

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