Landscapes of Occupation in Palestine

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Ex-Communicated tells the story of Israeli occupation in Palestine through the genre of landscape and the perspective of a camera lens.  In his series of remarkable photographs, Gary Fields, a professor of communication at the University of California, San Diego takes us behind the walls, gates, and fences of this deliberately fragmented geography in revealing Palestinian life under Israeli military rule.  What he shows in these images is how the forces of occupation use the landscape as an instrument of control over Palestinians and a mechanism for dispossessing them of land and property.  Much of this story is untold and largely unseen.  These photos convey forcefully how the process of enclosure on the landscape has ‘ex-communicated’ Palestinians, immobilizing them into ever-diminishing spaces, while at the same time inspiring them into heroic acts of peaceful resistance.

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Occupation 101 (video; watch while available; over 18 only)


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  10. strong video…just think a moment how is to live in Palestine for a while or one day … under a constant terror…

    these Israel’s government’s miserable practices are Obviously conceived to weaken the Palestinians’ will of resistance. it is the Israel’s government’s undisturbed enjoyment to destroy the Palestinians through All physically and psychological means possible.

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  12. There is no way to justify what has been done to the Palestinians and continues to be done to them. Nor is there an way to justify US support for Israel. The UN needs to go in and forcibily make Israel comply with international law.

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