Religion will be the death of us all By Roland Michel Tremblay

By Roland Michel Tremblay
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December 26, 2008
Originally published on OpEdNews August 4 2008

Please, forgive me. As I am drunk and about to talk about religion. Something that should never be done, as religion is the last remaining taboo in this world, and God, do I know it. I just hope I won’t be censored for talking about religion, and, oh, being drunk at the same time. Hopefully it is within your book of truth, your Bible, to forgive such things as I am about to do. What has Jesus Christ said exactly? I am so drunk, I can’t remember anything.

If you are about to judge me, you are following the wrong immoral type of religion. And you’d better wake up to this world, the real world, before someone else takes advantage of you, using against you your most cherished beliefs, your own religion. It happens more often than you think. Just think about it.

Just finished a hell of a week at work, drank myself to death tonight, after I had sex with my boyfriend (a homosexual deviant diseased mind like me, to use the religious term), smoke more roll ups than I would care to count, and here I am, I will talk about religion. Did I mention drugs in there somewhere? Oh!

I am your son! I am the son of every good American out there! Because I am just a statistic, and according to statistics, so many are just like me. I am your Useless American Alcoholic Gay Son! Please remember that, if you cannot remember anything else.

I am testing your limits, have you exploded yet? At least I will not talk about war, or nuclear Third World War, which religion will most definitely play a major role in making a reality. Nuclear death by religion… it has a great ring to it.

Right now, I’m just afraid that I’m no longer objective, that I will be downright cynical, and will alienate any of my readers who might be even slightly religious. I guess I would do just that in any case… so let’s go! You are not afraid of your own opinions, why should I be?

What would you say if I were to tell you that I am Catholic, and Catholicism is the only real religion, and that if you do not convert right now, you will suffer for eternity once you die? We all know that only Catholics will go to heaven, anyone else goes straight to hell.

I can already tell you that your religion is crap and filled with lies, and you all need to die sooner or later, sooner rather than later hopefully, and that I am quite willing to help eradicate any believer, by definition an infidel, in any other religion.

If you are not Catholic, you’re most likely to think that I am mad, and that someone needs to stop me, kill me, before I somehow succeed in my plan to annihilate humanity. And you would be right. After all, we all know that Catholics are wrong, they will all go to hell, and all the religions originally based on Protestantism are the right ones, they are the ones who will go to heaven. Does that include the Mormons? I wonder… probably not.

I will tell you the truth, I am a Muslim. Oh, I need to be shot now, don’t I? But why? Why indeed. Since it cannot possibly be justified, under any Court of law, under any kind of rule of any God that ever existed. Is it not so? Come on, tell me, I am listening.

If you believe otherwise, there is an indictment ready for you under our Court of Law, and it leads to a trial which will lead you straight to prison. Please, do remember that, if you cannot remember anything else.

If you can’t reach reason by reason alone, the law will lead you to reason. All religions are to be respected, even the lack of belief in any religion will be respected. Are we free to think and believe whatever we want or are we not, what do you prefer? A prison sentence? I will arrange it, believe me. The law is on my side (at the moment, at least).

I am highly surprised by this need for people to have a religion, since at the end of the day, why would they need such a thing? What is a religion exactly, anyway?

A religion, I would think, starts with a leader who spoke some sort of wisdom to some other people who obviously trusted that person. This leader either talked a lot and was listened to, and some others wrote about it, or this person wrote a bunch of books that could be thought of as some sort of wisdom. A book of truth about the nature of humankind and the universe, and a whole set of ethical and moral behaviors to observe, that no one in their right mind could possibly ever obey.

I can see why this is attractive, since we are all, as humans, curious by nature about who we are, what we are all about, and what is this universe in which we evolve in, or were created within, and who initiated this whole existence. We could easily go mad just trying to elucidate these mysteries. And when someone comes along and tells us exactly how it is, how it could have been and how it will be, I suppose it can be refreshing and welcomed. We all need answers to the main existential questions.

Of course, some sort of truth would not suffice, this leader needs to be charismatic, quite clever and bright, to come up with instant answers about everything, and usually would be so caring, and the people around as well, that it must give a sense of importance to the disciples of any religion. We all feel the need to feel important, to feel that people care about us, love us, to fulfill this need of belonging to a group of people who share our philosophy, whether that philosophy is ours or comes from someone else, if the imagination lacks.

I never felt the need to belong to any group, must have come from the fact that I was gay and, quite early on, I was rejected by everyone from everywhere at once, most specifically by all religions and religious people.

I always wondered why my whole being and nature could be so despised and offensive to any religion, as if I was such a threat that, I alone, could bring about the end of the world as we know it. And so it is not surprising that I came to wonder why people would need a religion or set of beliefs and behaviors to believe in, and go about life always thinking in those terms their religion would have taught them. It makes no sense to me, no sense at all, as I was denied just all of that. I was a target to be eradicated as soon as possible, the sooner the better. It’s a miracle I survived without committing suicide; society tried its very best to drive me to it.

So, for a long time I always believed that religious people were not that intelligent, could not think for themselves and were highly suggestible. I was so interested in this puzzle, I read a lot about religious sects and secret societies in order to better understand what happens in the macroscopic world of religions, and I found many illuminating answers about human nature.

I wrote a novel about it, in French, even though I think no one on this planet has read it or even understood what I was really trying to say in there. I’m not sure myself, since I tried to be objective, just painting a picture of reality, and that was it. People can read and interpret whatever they want from it, but at least I told them how it works, how it is that people can get caught into these beliefs which make no sense to even people of other religions suddenly getting interested in believers of other religions.

Not only will we get to believe in a certain religion, most likely the one we were born into, but then understanding and tolerating other religions is quite a feat to achieve. Because most religions have been designed to teach to despise any other sort of truth as a lie, and that if you do not believe in your own religion, you will most likely go to hell or something similar.

When you start analyzing religions, you see clearly how clever they have been in ensuring the longevity of their own truth, whilst eliminating any other religion or people in the market believing otherwise, eliminating any other possible explanation. So it becomes difficult to get out of any religion, and especially believe in another one.

Within any religion is the seed for war against anyone who does not believe in that religion, and so teaching tolerance for other religions has always been impossible.

It never seemed to be a contradiction to anyone that most religions at heart have a message of love and understanding, but then turn ugly as soon as you go beyond a certain point, then love and compassion become hate, war and destruction.

I always wondered why most religious people were blind to this fact, how they could look at history, see for themselves that most wars were caused by religions, and yet, quite willingly choose to ignore this, and probably would go to war once again for those same beliefs which caused millions if not billions to die over the centuries.

More specifically, why is it so important for any human being to have any sort of religion, when they could be quite happy without it, still be loving and caring people, and pursue on their own what could be the truth about the universe we live in?

Why do you need a religion? Why do you feel the need to belong to any group of people believing certain things and giving you truths you are not even allowed to question? Why indeed? It is something I might never understand, and I believe that anyone who is free from any religion will also be as puzzled as I am.

I would have thought that, as time goes by, more and more people would ditch religions and start seeking other answers to life. However, quite the opposite is happening, more and more people become more and more religious by the day, and 85% of the planet, from statistics I can remember, all believe in some sort of religion and God.

It is astonishing and frightening to me, as I cannot explain this behavior, and I know that most of them would be quite happy if I were to die today just because I am gay. How do I fight this, can I even fight this? Or do I simply have to accept it and hope I will still be granted the chance to lead a normal existence? Or should I be killed right now? With stones?

Most religions are also highly restrictive, no freedom whatsoever, and many of them require from you a lot of time and money and devotion and prayers, and little space to think and develop at your own pace. Why would anyone enter a new religion knowing full well all that it entails, and how much of their freedom and liberties they will lose once within it? What could possess them to give up so much, if it is not a belief that they will gain much more in return? But what do they gain if anything? Are they more peaceful with themselves? Are they now closer to God and anything spiritual? Are they more loving, or ready to kill?

Is there something I am missing here that no one told me about? Because if 85% of the population is talking directly to God, and get some hallucinogenic buzz out of it, I ought perhaps to get on the bandwagon. But then, why would they keep such ecstasy to themselves, whilst being unable to even give us a glimpse of what is it that their religion is bringing them, without us thinking they are deluded, too far gone and ready for the asylum?

Could 85% of the planet suffer from mass delusion? I sometimes think so. Just think of Allah, then you will begin to understand how I feel. “Because Allah has declared a Jihad on you, and you all need to die, all of you, non-believers in Allah! I will kill you myself, in the name of Allah!”

I will try to be a bit objective. If my father had divorced my mother when I was quite young, and if I had spent most of my younger years with my mom without my dad around, God knows how much brainwashing I would have suffered and how good a Catholic I would be right now.

You see, my father never believed in religion or God, whilst my mom was completely devoted to them, and still is. It would have been difficult for me, if not impossible, not to believe in God and fall back into religion, if both my parents had been nuts about it. It is nearly impossible to shake off something that you have been banged on the head about from an early age. This is how I explain why people can still respect any religion and believe in God, even when they are quite intelligent, and should normally, in my opinion, have at least some doubts about it all.

There are plenty of reasons to at least take a step back and assess the whole question of religion, God and other related beliefs as hypothesis, and not the complete truth about this world.

The very fact that whatever you believe in, whatever if it is the biggest or smallest religion there is, you can count on the fact that not even one person out of five on this planet will believe any of it. There is not one religion on the planet that 20% of humanity will agree on is the truth. How can it be the real truth then, when a whopping majority would say no, it is all a lie?

Why would that Muslim or that Jew be more wrong than I would be, being a Catholic or a Christian? It should tell any reasonable person, capable of taking a step back, that perhaps others are right, or that perhaps, no one is, because no one really knows the truth. I have not seen any proof anywhere, none of us have. I’m sorry, faith alone does not make it true.

How could we be right? Religion is worse than philosophy, and philosophy has a really bad track record. In philosophy, no one can agree on anything, and yet, it is based on logic. Religion is not. And millions of people are forced to believe the most fanciful inventions about humanity, its origins, about whatever could be out there in this universe.

It is so sad when you meet the most intelligent person you have ever met, the most logical, and yet, when the time comes to talk about religion, there go logic and good common sense. They’ve been brainwashed, they will not let go. They will not compromise, they will not even consider other possibilities to explain the unexplainable. No need for proof, no need for half convincing arguments; this is the truth; this is how we all came to be; this is what this existence is all about.

Religion is quite important in a way here, because it addresses what this existence is all about, and all religions claim to know the answer. There was a creation of some sort, there is a God of some sort who created us, we appeared one day out of nothing, out of nowhere, and God controls everything, as he is some sort of control freak, and if you’re a bad boy, he won’t come down the chimney and bring you gifts at Christmas. Or am I confusing God with Santa Claus? Oh dear.

When I was in fifth grade, I stopped my English teacher in front of the class and I asked her, “What is Santa Claus?” Everyone around me seemed to know; we were hearing about it every day in English classes, and yet, I had no clue about Santa Claus and what it was. She laughed, everyone did, it seemed that I was the only lost one out there who had no idea about who was Santa Claus. I must have been 10 years old by then. And then she said that Santa Claus was the “Père Noël”. I instantly knew then what Santa Claus was, it existed in French as well, though, never in my life had I believed he existed. Like I never believed the “Bonhomme Sept Heures” existed, though most kids in my area were so afraid of the “7 pm Man”, they all went to bed, frightened to death that this monster would come to eat them alive if he found them not in bed and sleeping by 7 pm.

I have to admit that my sister and I never slept when we were young. We would fall asleep out of exhaustion at 4 am every night, after talking all night and getting up all evening, to the astonishment of my parents. My parents never believed in lying to us in order to convince us to act a certain way, so they could have peace once in a while. As a result we were wild, but at least we were not fed lies.

I would guess that if you control your kids through fear at an early age, you will most certainly make them perfect slaves to some other opportunistic pri*k or b*tch later on in life. Leave your kids to become wild, and they’re most likely going to end up being management, controlling the other weak minds around. Never mind. All that to say that it is easy to have beliefs when they were implanted at a young age. And then logic and common sense seem to go out the window.

I don’t know if there is a God, I don’t know if what any of these religions state is true or not. I can only take it all as possibility, hypothesis, and to be honest, not very convincing at that, for someone like me who was not brainwashed at all on any religion or philosophy at an early age. Again, I value my liberty or freedom far too much to adhere to any religion or philosophy. And that’s the problem, isn’t it? The real conundrum of any religion.

Religion is not about some sort of distorted truth about the origin of existence and whatever might happen after death or in between re-incarnations. No. If religion was simply that, some sort of truth about a God who created us and the universe, it would be great, it would be bearable.

Religion is about control and power, and so adhering to any religion implies following many rules, obligations, giving up your life, freedom, liberty, and whatever else, everything. But to whom? The high priests, the leaders, to whoever profits from it all. It is like giving up everything you have, everything you are, and any sort of individuality you might wish to have, to some half baked ideas or concepts, which in the end, makes no sense at all.

Religion is the end of your freedom, the end of your own individuality, your identity, who you are, who you could possibly become. Religion becomes you, you no longer exist. You serve, you’re a slave, no longer in charge of your own thoughts or your destiny, frightened to death of one simple thought, the idea of sin, which in itself, is completely meaningless.

We’re all animals, nothing more. We only answer to nature, our own nature, whatever it dictates, not what religion or any sort of leader dictates. Whatever we truly desire, is nature. It doesn’t mean we should act upon it, upon that desire, but it certainly doesn’t mean we should feel guilt about it to the point of wishing death. Guilt, guilt of even being alive, that is what has plagued my life since the very day I was born. And yet, I don’t believe in religion!

Religion is something you need to free yourself from, at any cost, no matter the consequences. You will feel better at any rate afterwards, no matter the consequences. Then, and only then, will you be free to observe this universe and come up with your own answers.

All right, there may be a God after all, who created the whole thing, who knows. You don’t need organized religion to dictate that to you, when there are so many others stating the complete opposite. These questions about nature, about humanity, about the universe, should be pursued freely. You should be able to think on your own, figure it out on your own, believe what you feel might be the truth, not what others tell you the truth is, when so many other truths exist.

I don’t know who, years ago, decided to create these religions, all religions, and how they came up with all these contradicting truths. I don’t know why they felt the need to create religions and to ensure that everyone would believe them and obey them. I can only guess that it was a question of control, power, and hence, turning humans into mindless drones, slaves, whatever.

I just know that I’m glad I have nothing to do with any of these religions, secret societies, religious sects. I am free! Free to think, to assess for myself what this life is all about. And I will come to my own conclusions, after reviewing everything everyone has ever said on any topic, and from whatever I feel seems right. No one will tell me how to think or what to believe. I will observe and come to my own conclusions about this world and what it is all about, all on my own.

I only wish it would be the same for most of humanity, we could get the answers much faster that way. More freethinkers is what this world needs. I do not respect one religion over another, I do not accept any truth over another, unless I, myself, have a vague feeling that it may be the truth.

I never encountered a religion which agreed in the slightest with what I felt the truth might be. Perhaps because, a long time ago, I came to the conclusion that I will never find out about the truth.

No one knows the truth about anything, and no one could ever know the truth about anything. Makes you wonder if there is any sort of truth to discover in this world, perhaps there is no such thing as the truth. And so, all religions are simply wrong. What a thought! A revolutionary thought. As without religions, my God, we might just have saved this world. But now, there is no hope. Religion will be the death of us all.


“Without irony, this life would hardly be worth living.” RM

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  1. looks like your catching flack on this one roley. one personally “experienced” christ 34 years ago and it looks like he’s got back up. another one thinks your about shits an giggles. i’m not touching it.. run! run! they’ve got god on their side!

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  4. a reverberation of the ancient greek sophists basic axiom that ”man is the measure of all things”.
    but man is not the measure of all things. there is a yardstick much bigger than man that we must measure everything by. for as existentialist jean paul sarte said ”without an infinite reference point , all finite reference points are in vain”.
    the good news is that not only is there an infinite reference point –namely a supreme being. but that this supreme being became flesh in Christ, and i have personally expereinced him 34 years ago. this encounter with the paradox of the GOD-man is a far cry from mere religion. in fact it is anti-religion. it is love itself.

  5. It has been a lifelong puzzle to me how some people can be so religious and yet so intolerant and uncaring.

    Religion has caused more death and destruction than anything else. Many Catholics opposed to stem cell research and abortion don’t seem to care about the millions of children that are starving.

    This puzzles me.

    I agree with the writer’s comments about religion.

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  7. I’m sorry, but this rant is complete garbage and I don’t know what it’s doing here. Far from appearing insightful or powerful or even ironic (all of which, I’m assuming, were the author’s intent), this just comes off like the whining of some spoiled white suburban kid, who thinks if he flaunts his atheism it will make him seem edgy and cool.

    If you wanted a post about atheism, at least put something intelligent up.

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