Bill Moyers Journal: Faith and Reason (must-see)

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Bill Moyers Journal
Dec 26, 2008

“In a world where religion is poison to some and salvation to others, how do we live together? How do we keep the public space between reason and faith, where most of us spend our lives, from becoming a no-man’s land of constant warfare between absolutes? It’s an old debate, this discussion of belief and disbelief. On one end of the spectrum people say, “Only religion counts.” On the other end, “Only reason counts.”

In 2007, Bill Moyers addressed those questions to a group of the world’s noted authors and thinkers in the seven-part series BILL MOYERS ON FAITH & REASON. The series includes conversations with authors Salman Rushdie, Martin Amis, Margaret Atwood, Jeanette Winterson, Mary Gordon, Anne Provoost, David Grossman, Richard Rodriguez, playwright Will Power, philosopher Colin McGinn, scientist Sir John Houghton and Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön

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Archibishop Desmond Tutu

In the documentary BEYOND OUR DIFFERENCES, filmmaker Peter Bisanz talked with dozens of religious leaders, politicians and luminaries, among them, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Bill Moyers sat down with Archbishop Tutu in 1999 to discuss his chairmanship of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. You can watch that entire interview here online.

And, explore additional highlights from BILL MOYERS JOURNAL and the Moyers Digital Archive — from former nun turned scholar of religion Karen Armstrong to Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference to Jonathan Miller creator of the film series A BRIEF HISTORY OF DISBELIEF.

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Beyond our differences

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL presents the film BEYOND OUR DIFFERENCES which explores the common threads that unify the world’s religious traditions. In BEYOND OUR DIFFERENCES, religious leaders, politicians and luminaries in their fields give voice to the positive effects of spirituality and morality, focusing on commonalities spanning all faiths. While the negative — even violent — side of religion is widely reported, director Peter Bisanz documents the hope for positive change and healing universal to so many.


visit the BEYOND OUR DIFFERENCES Web site.

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  2. How poetic is the voice of reason and compassion with which Bill Moyers speaks. The wisdom and intellect are in short supply in a world gone mad, or so it seems at times, but when I read and listen to the enlightened words of wisdom uttered by Bill Moyers and his guests, a purifying wave of serenity overcomes me and overwhelms me and my eyes water of joy that there is hope after all. The world isn’t all mad – just seems that way with the so much hatred in it. The world over needs badly to listen to Bill Moyers and his guests and ponder and reflect. This material should be mandatory readings in school, for God knows that the benefit from it outweighs most of what our kids learn about religions and the hatred spewed against others of different faiths, and that applies to most religions and faiths.

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