India and Pakistan: tension mounts

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Pakistan and India are massing thousands of troops along their border. Confrontation between the two has intensified in the month since the devastating Mumbai attacks, which India blames on Pakistani extremists. World leaders have appealed for both nations to show restraint and calm.


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  2. Not satisfied with posting bizarre anti-Iran propaganda, you now post bizarre anti-Pakistan propaganda. In fact, India has been rattling it’s saber at Pakistan ever since the Mumbai attacks, presumably to divert public attention in India away form the blatant failure of India’s security to take even basic measures towards prevention and response (shades of 911). India and the US together have pushed Pakistan into a corner, where – even if the Pakistani government wanted to deal with the issues the Mumbai attacks raised about Pakistan-based terrorists – they would not be able to do so without cutting off their legs politically in Pakistan.

    Both India and the US had to know that DEMANDING that Pakistan cough up Pakistani citizens to whatever passes for justice in India would have outraged the people of Pakistan and rightly. What was needed was a formalized process, but this has apparently not even been considered. Clearly, both India and the US WANT the current brinksmanship. India’s reasons for wanting it are pretty easy to figure. They had to find a scapegoat outside India and quickly. But why is the US on board with this brinksmanship? Why did they want it? Is a fullscale invasion of Pakistan in the works? Do they want to restore military rule in Pakistan? What’s the game behind the game here?

    Absurd anti-Pakistan propaganda isn’t going to help anyone figure out what is really going on, what is really at stake, and who is pushing the situation towards a brink.

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