Israeli jets ‘violate Lebanese airspace’

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28 December 2008

Israeli jets ‘violate Lebanese airspace’

Press TV, 28 November 2008

Israeli warplanes have reportedly flown low over south Lebanon as the regime’s forces started their second day of attacks on Gaza Strip.

“At least five aircraft overflew the Bint Jbeil region (south of Beirut) and headed for the port town of Tyre” farther north, a Lebanese security official told AFP.

The security official said an Israeli MK-type reconnaissance aircraft flew over the south all night until dawn broke.

The move came as Hezbollah Leader Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah is expected to speak later on Sunday about the deadly Israeli air attacks on Gaza which killed 282 and wounded hundreds more.

Israeli flights over Lebanon are in breach of UN Security Council resolution 1710, which in August 2006 ended the Israel-Hezbollah war.



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