UN blasts Israel over Gaza massacre

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The UN Security Council is holding a closed emergency session in New York to discuss the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza.


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7 thoughts on “UN blasts Israel over Gaza massacre

  1. This brutal unnecessary murder is another co-production of the Wal-king On the Same Path Bush & Dick Goring and their warmonger Israelis brothers rulers, believers in the Grossamerikan-israelishen Reichs – as an extreme devility to show its power. Odious and shameful “reaction” of the heads of governments for doing nothing to prevent these killings, knowing in advance about it!!! It is so clear that for governments people are just numbers, either to be used or killed. Maybe the world community will have finally a word against this war crime and war against peace that cannot be justified.

  2. One of your bloggers said it well, the fascist are bombing again as in WW11, and again the world remains silent. Shame on those who justify killing women and children. Warren Sachaich

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  5. It’s not just the UN that needs to act, it is the entire world that needs to get involved in stopping this aggressive fafascist development by the illegal an immoral country of Israel.

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