Israel pounds Gaza for a third consecutive day

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Israeli jets are again bombing targets in the Gaza Strip. The air assualt is now into a third day. Warships have also been involved in the attacks, shelling the area around Gaza’s port.

The death toll in Gaza has risen to 318. A UN agency says at least 51 of those victims were civilians.

Despite the onslaught, the Palestinian resistance continues. Rockets fired from Gaza have killed one person and injured seven in the city of Ashkelon.

Roza Ibragimova reports.

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11 thoughts on “Israel pounds Gaza for a third consecutive day

  1. The hundreds of deaths and hundreds left in agony in Gaza by Israel must be the downfall of the Israel and US’ demented totalitarianism. What kind of state but a totalitarian one could act in such blatant disrespect of the protection of human life? And what kind of state but a totalitarian one could give its blessing to such acts, under the excuse of victims’ aggression? Israel is not in existential danger, so its government could not justify these undiscriminate and disproportionate attacks, as well this asymetrical warfare. Perhaps Ribbentrop and Molotov served as an inspiration for the aggressors…

  2. With great respect; all of these comments have threads of truth running through them; but should we not recognise the truth that sits on the foundation beneath it all?
    There are two immovable forces opposed to one another, each believes they have the monopoly over “right and justice” for their beliefs,neither will bend to the extent necessary to create a lasting peace.
    The only solution, as even Saddam demonstrated,is an imposed one, maintained by force and threat of death, torture, or dishonour.
    The hate and discontent continues and is deferred for future generations to resolve.
    Israel has endured the rain of hundreds of explosive rockets; a situation they could not be expected to accept; Hamas knew that and they now have the response they wanted, Israel’s brutal retaliation. Hamas wants world opinion to turn in their favour; they are quite prepared to sacrifice their own civilians for this end. It is a cowardly act for a soldier to shelter behind unarmed civilians, unless those civilians accept their risk, if so, they are then part of the sheltering army. No tears and sympathy necessary.
    Israel has been underestimated,for they will now impose, what for them , will be a final solution. The World will never go to war in support of the palestinians no matter how just their cause, the risks of major conflicts are too great.
    The Palestinians deserve their Homeland every bit as much as anyone else; did not a large slice of Palestine end up in Jordan? The point is that much unwinding would be necessary to arrive at a position acceptable to all. It is not going to happen in our life times, if ever.
    So we come back to present day solutions. The cycle of violence and temporary cease fires could go on for ever; there is no intention for them to bear fruit.
    Finally, those responsible for supply of rockets to Hamas bear great responsibility for what is now going down, they should be found and prosecuted; some are saying it is the CIA because it suits US policy in the middle east to have continuing conflicts and to allow, justify, the imposition of Israel’s final solution. THOMASTHEAUSSIEBATTLER

    • Thanks for your opinions, Thomas, however, please do not spam the blog by posting the exact same comment on multiple posts on the same topic, I’ve deleted the others.

      Did you read or view the videos to all the posts on this topic?

  3. Israeli warplanes continue to pound Hamas installations inside the Gaza strip. Speculation about a ground assault continues, but no ground assault has occurred as of this post. There has been much condemnation of Israel for over responding to the daily Hamas rocket attacks from the Gaza strip. I support the Israeli actions. If a hundred rockets were being launched into the USA from foreign soil, we would have taken quicker and stronger measures than the Israelis have.


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