Israelis demonstrate against military action in the Gaza Strip

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nocommenttv Dozens of Israelis demonstrate against military action in the Gaza Strip as the Palestinian wounded from Qassam rocket in the coastal enclave evacuated for treatment in Israel

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h/t: Palestinians, solidarity activists condemn Israel’s mass slaughter in Gaza, call for protests and sanctions (updated Dec. 29)


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13 thoughts on “Israelis demonstrate against military action in the Gaza Strip

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  5. There is not much to say without saying more of the same.
    It’s an atrocity.

    Tiananmen Square put an end to any effectiveness of demonstrations, as we saw from the massive, but ineffective demonstrations against the invasions of Iraq.

    How can it be that ‘a people’ who built their beach-front state based on scriptural myths, having survived another malicious, militaristic ideology, managed to create the same sort of ghetto, the same kind of pogroms from which they escaped?

    While they’re no nazi’s (yet… just wait till they loose their secret nukes, it will make Auschwitz look like a toaster-oven), Israel has created now three generations of militaristic murderer robo-goons through conscription and obsolete Talmudic absurdity, who through their ‘never again’ doctrine, now inflict on others some of the sort of mass-murderous crimes once inflicted on them.

    Certainly it is a regional issue, an absurd atrocity on all sides, but one in which the far-away USA has always claimed some strategic interest.

    Will some one of these neocons finally lay on the table exactly WHAT part of Israel represents US “national interest” such that we’re sending bombs and rockets and billions in aid? I wanna hear it for once and for all (without the biblical absurdity, please).

    Glad to see someone there taking issue with the atrocities and the massacre of innocents by bombing. Clearly the Israeli goal is to ‘liquidate’ the Ghetto of Gaza.

    Israelis who dissent should either mandate reform (hard to do when the entire populace is trained to hate all Arabs as suspect ‘Jihadists’), or they should abandon this ill-gotten swath of insufferable desert at once, return it to Palestine, and live only on land they legally purchased (if they’re so bent on being near jerusalem).

    Hamas seems to be a product of Israeli aggression. A democratic Palestine in which Jews would have been welcomed, could have been had.

    There’s lots of places that don’t persecute Jews, where they won’t be in danger. Jews don’t live in Israel because ‘everyone deserves a place to live’, they live there for cultist, scriptural ideology, and they kill and die for same.

    Were I an israeli, I would leave (as many have).

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  9. I don’t think that even the Israeli extremists realize what they are doing. Nor do I think many of the German people realized what their government was doing.

  10. There’s more dissent about this illegal action in Israel than the US. The entire world needs to get behind the Palensstinians and punish Israel.

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