Police fighting protesters in Reykjavik, Iceland

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Updated: Jan 1, 2009 added another video


Today at around 13:30 one of the TV news channels hold every year on the last day, a TV broadcast live where they talk about the year with political party chairmen. But today the hotel which is located near the Parliament building was attacked by protesters.

TV equipment was destroyed so the broadcast could not be sent. Then the protesters tried to get into the hotel but police stopped them and later use gas to get them out.

Protesters were angry, shouting ” government out” and “fascists”.

Some of the TV people got minor injuries .

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Protesters and Police fighting -protest in Reykjavik December 31 2008



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3 thoughts on “Police fighting protesters in Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. Apologies,
    actually on the second video you can see the employees struggling to contain the mob. A number of them were injured in the scuffle and in another angle you can see something being thrown at a blond haired technician standing on the right side of the entrance (from protesters’ point of view).

  2. I see you don’t have the video which shows the protesters climbing over a fence to get through the back-door entrance of the hotel, literally attacking the hotel and tv technician staff.
    The police then arrived and issued several warnings that the protesters were there illegally and tear gas/pepper spray would be used. After about three warnings the promised pepper spray did indeed greet them….

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