Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law

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Israeli Violates International Humanitarian Law

By Prof. Richard Falk
United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
January 02, 2008 “United Nations Human Rights Council

The Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip represent severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law as defined in the Geneva Conventions, both in regard to the obligations of an Occupying Power and in the requirements of the laws of war.

Those violations include:

Collective punishment – the entire 1.5 million people who live in the crowded Gaza Strip are being punished for the actions of a few militants.

Targeting civilians – the airstrikes were aimed at civilian areas in one of the most crowded stretches of land in the world, certainly the most densely populated area of the Middle East.

Disproportionate military response – the airstrikes have not only destroyed every police and security office of Gaza’s elected government, but have killed and injured hundreds of civilians; at least one strike reportedly hit groups of students attempting to find transportation home from the university.

via Information Clearing House – ICH.

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  4. International law? Law set in place by whom? Was not Isreal intended to be a Jewish state?

    Was not Gaza captured land? Tell me what other nations you’d have give back captured land.

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