Rafah – report from the ground

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.




January 2, 2009

Rafah – report from the ground

Fida Qishta of Rafah, Gaza describes the past few days as Israeli bombing kills hundreds

The Real News spoke to Fida Qishta, a Rafah school teacher and freelance journalist to gain insight on the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

With over 300 Palestinian civilians already dead as a result of these bombings Fida Qishta says that the Israeli army “say they’re just attacking military bases or the government in Gaza but this is not true” adding “they’ve targeted five mosques, they targeted a hospital (and) four houses….they said they are going to attack the main hospital in the Gaza strip…if they do it’s going to be a genocide”.

These recent attacks have broken a six month ceasefire but according to Qishta this “was just a ceasefire to show to the world media….every single day the Israeli army and the Israeli Navy broke the ceasefire by shooting at the (Palestinian) fisherman”.

While claims continue to be made by Israel justifying their attacks on Palestine as security for their country, Qishta feels this is just an excuse to “destroy the Gaza strip” and asks, “When are they going to feel secure?  After they kill all the Palestinians?”


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