Bush-Cheney deserve censure for declaring war against the Constitution by Bruce Fein, Ralph Nader

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by Bruce Fein, Ralph Nader
Monday, January 5, 2009

Before Inauguration Day, the 111th Congress should pass a forward-looking resolution censuring President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for executive aggrandizements or abuses that have reduced Congress to vassalage and shredded the rule of law. The resolution should express a congressional intent to prevent repetitions by the President-elect Barack Obama or his successors. The objective is not Bush-Cheney bashing, but to restore a republican form of government in which “We the People” are sovereign, and the president is checked and publicly scrutinized by Congress and the courts. The Bush-Cheney duumvirate won an undeclared war against the Constitution. Most troublesome, they captured the power to initiate war from a spineless Congress. The Founding Fathers were unanimous in denying the president that constitutional authority. They knew that presidents would chronically deceive Congress and concoct excuses for war to control public information, benefit political friends through government contracts, quell dissent, assert emergency powers and enjoy the intoxicating thrill of, “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

By wielding the threat of international terrorism, the Bush-Cheney team put the nation on a permanent war footing – the first time in history that war has been undertaken against a tactic. They maintained that the entire post-9/11 world is an active battlefield where United States military force may be used to kill suspected members of al Qaeda irrespective of international boundaries.


via Bush-Cheney deserve censure for declaring war against the Constitution.

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3 thoughts on “Bush-Cheney deserve censure for declaring war against the Constitution by Bruce Fein, Ralph Nader

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  2. Not only should Bush and Cheney be censored, they should be tried for murder. Famous attorney Bugliosi makes a well docuented case in his book about the Prosecution of George W Bush…
    I would like to see an Attorney General who would accept this challenge.

  3. This undoubtedly needs to me done. However, to assume that Congress will suddenly develop a spine is not realistic. The only effective way to undo the damage the current Junta has done is to have the Supreme Court declare the grievous laws passed by a spineless Congress and the unconstitutional signings used by this regime to circumvent the constitution, unconstitutional.

    These two very experienced attorney would be doing much better by bringing these issue to the Supreme court than simply blowing hot air.

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