Historical amnesia and Gaza + Peace activist report from Gaza

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Historical amnesia and Gaza

Phyllis Bennis: Where you decide to start the clock determines how you define the crisis Pt.1/3

Several days into Israel’s military operation in Gaza, The Real News speaks to Phyllis Bennis about the conflict. After giving a brief background on the events that led to the invasion of the Gaza Strip, Phyllis explains the various ways in which the United States facilitates Israel’s activities. According to Phyllis, it is the unquestioning military and political support from Washington that makes Israel’s actions possible.


Peace activist report from Gaza


A peace activist with the International Solidarity Movement, Eva Bartlett shares her views from Gaza.


What if Israel Was the Victim? by Jeremy R. Hammond

Israel’s own Holocaust (and the US’s, and ours) by William Bowles

More children among Gaza dead + Israels ground offensive in full swing

Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells

US Blocks UN Security Council Vote Calling for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

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  7. Very good argument made here. Unfortunately, it is being made to the choir. The one point that needs to be underscored here is that the US is complicit it this crime against humanity, and concerted and sustained activism in the US can even have an influence on the coming Obama Regime.

    I am heartened to see that Fundamentalist Jews are leading the charge against the atrocities committed by Israel. Bothy here and in Israel.

    It should also be noted that young conscience objectors are going to prison in Israel for refusing to serve the violent Zionist extremist regime.

    • It won’t be just made to the “choir” if people send this or any of the other posts to their friends. Obviously by making these posts I’m speaking out against the atrocities. Everyone needs to do something to speak out. Write your Congress people, too. There are several petitions that can be signed as well.

      All the posts now have an active link, copy and paste into an email message. Send any of the posts’ links to your Congress people, too. They need to hear from us.

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