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March 10, 2007

After a considerable delay, here’s part 1 of “Duck Soup”, the fifth Marx Brothers film and the last they made for Paramount (and incidentally the last Marx film with Zeppo). It bombed in 1933, but is now (rightfully, IMO) considered to be one of the funniest movies of all time.

BTW, “Duck Soup” also marks (no pun intended) the first time Margaret Dumont worked with the Marxes on a script written directly for the screen- her two previous films with them had been based on stage plays.

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more about “Duck Soup part 1“, posted with vodpod

Parts 2-9

2 thoughts on “Duck Soup

  1. I thought this might be a recipe for “Lame Duck Soup” on how to get Geo. W. Bush into a stockpot and season with Cheney. lol. Laughter is very therapeutic!

    • Actually I was thinking about what you said in a message recently when I posted this, thanks, dk. I watched the entire film, it goes pretty fast and it’s very funny. And it’s political.

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