Israel ‘fires into Lebanon after rockets’ + Israel Claims Lebanon Shot Rockets Into Northern Israel

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By Allyn Fisher-Ilan, Reuters
The Independent
Thursday, 8 January 2009

At least three rockets fired from Lebanon exploded in northern Israel today wounding two people, said police and medics, in an attack seen as linked to Israel’s offensive against Hamas Islamists in the Gaza Strip.

Israel hit back with artillery shells in what an Israeli military spokesman described as “a pinpoint response at the source of fire”.

It was not immediately clear whether Lebanon’s Hezbollah guerrillas – against whom Israel fought a 2006 war – or Palestinians fired the rockets, presenting a new challenge to Israeli leaders who have waged attacks on Gaza for 13 days.


via Israel ‘fires into Lebanon after rockets’ – Middle East, World – The Independent.

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Israel Claims Lebanon Shoots Rockets Into Northern Israel

January 08, 2009 BBC World

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  2. Israelis are still lurking for serious pretexts to justify further killings. What is clear is that the Israelis received the greatest gift/favour from the USA by supporting them in waging and committing this “war” theatre that, sure, serves the interests of both. Civilians, children are killed indiscriminately with cold blood and sacrificed on the altar of these two states’ bandit interests. The leaders’ ongoing debate: to stop ot not to stop these killings…proves nothing but the work of the whole devil accumulated in them.

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