Kucinich Documents Israel’s War Crimes On The Record! + Israel Bombs “Safehouse”

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January 09, 2009 C-SPAN

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Israel Bombs “SAFEHOUSE” It Told Civilians To Go To! With More Than 100 Inside!


January 09, 2009 BBC World

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Israeli intel targets Israeli protesters + Rockets fired from Lebanon + Protests

Ron Paul: Israel Created Hamas!

Kucinich: WAKE AMERICA! Israel is Killing Children With Your Tax Dollars!

Send a message to the new Congress asking for a ceasefire (action alert)


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  6. The members of the US Congress, with the exception, maybe, of a very few are not able to comprehend and realise the magnitude of the crimes the USA and Israel have committed. They are sold to the Dictatorship and paid by it. Allowing or authorizing Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories is a war crime in itself, as long as Israel’s intention is to transfer its own civilian population to the occupied territory. In addition, Israel has started again attacks upon undefendless Palestinians, knowing that these attacks would cause excessive damage and killing of civilians. It is so hard for the Congress to see a connection between this recklessness in killing civilians and the intention to destroy and exterminate a group of people, which is the most abominable crime of genocide?! It is so hard for these people to see what the rest of the world sees? The world is watching the extermination of Palestinians, the holocaust of Palestinians, and yet, the terrorist of the world, the USA and its ally Israel are untouched by what the rest of the world thinks and says, in total indifference and repugnant disrespect for humankind. An abominable crime in itself.

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