In Washington, All Roads Lead to Tehran By Daniel Luban

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By Daniel Luban

As the war in Gaza approaches its third week, a chorus of influential voices in the U.S. media has cast the conflict as a proxy war in which the real enemy is not Hamas but Iran.

The result has been a growing tendency in the U.S. to view Gaza as simply one battleground in a larger war between Iran and the West, and to dismiss the stated concerns of the Palestinians as a mere smokescreen for Iranian influence.

But critics charge that this way of framing the conflict is both overly simplistic and agenda-driven. By overstating the importance of Iran’s operational aid to Hamas, they claim, these opinion-makers aim to increase hostilities with Iran, to bolster an increasingly shaky Israeli rationale for war, and to curtail any inclination to reach a peace settlement with the Palestinians.


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3 thoughts on “In Washington, All Roads Lead to Tehran By Daniel Luban

  1. The argument that Hamas is a proxy of Iran doesn’t hold water for a number of reasons 1. If there wasn’t an occupied Palestine, Iran couldn’t exploit. 2. If Iran is supplying and funding Hamas, they have as much right to support a Democratically elected government as the US does in supporting the illegally created Zionist pseudo state of Israel.3. Iran has as much right to enrich uranium and develop weapons with it if it so desires as does the nuclear pseudo state of Israel which does not allow inspections of its nuclear facilities in the 4th larges army in the world. 4. It is also obvious that Israel and its moral-less backers are just searching for another justification for the massacre because done of the other bullshit reasons are valid.

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