Statements by Peres, Olmert and Livni on Gaza and Iran

compiled by Cem Ertür
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
11 January, 2009

Iran is heavily involved in the evolution of Hamas … When (Hamas) started, the missiles were homemade – made in the Gaza Strip. But not anymore. Now they are professional, coming from Iran.   (Israeli Foreign Minister Livni, 10 January 2009)  [1]

Our goals are clear: we do not want to make Gaza a satellite of Iran, and we don’t want a ceasefire but the end of the terror.   (Israeli President Peres, 8 January 2009)  [2]

Iran and Syria are continually trying to smuggle improved rockets into the Strip.   (Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, 6 January 2009)  [3]

Israel does not want to see Iranians in the Middle East… It was bad enough that Iran was supplying its two satellites, Hizbullah and Hamas, with long-range missiles… Opening the passage to Sinai … would mean opening doors to Iranian long-range missiles, which will mean total war.   (Israeli President Peres, 6 January 2009)  [4]

Hamas works with Iran, he gets weapons from Iran, and its headquarters are in Damascus, and it works closely with Hezbollah.   (Israeli Foreign Minister Livni 5 January 2009)  [5]

They [i.e. Hamas] cannot explain why they are shooting…and they cannot hide that they are acting by orders from Iran. Iran has two satellites in the Middle East, the Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.   (Israeli President Peres, 4 January 2009)  [6]



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