US plans massive arms delivery to Israel

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Press TV
Sat, 10 Jan 2009 11:25:45 GMT

The Pentagon plans to make a large arms delivery to Israel, rising fears that the military campaign in Gaza will go on for a long time.

The US is trying to hire a merchant ship that can carry hundreds of tons of weapons from Greece to Israel later this month; Reuters reported citing tender documents it had obtained.

According to the US Navy’s Military Sealift Command (MSC), the ship will transport 325 standard 20-foot containers of what has been called ‘ammunition’ from the Greek port of Astakos to the Israeli port of Ashdod on two separate trips in the second half of January.

A description on the manifest says the containers will be loaded with ‘hazardous material’, such as explosive substances and detonators, without giving any more details.

The Pentagon announced the tender for the ship in the last hours of 2008. The two deadlines set for the deliveries are January 25 and the last day of the month.


via Press TV – US plans massive arms delivery to Israel.

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  4. Kudos (sarcastically and sadly) to the honorable Government of the U.S., the flagship of democracy, justice and human rights in the world, who not a shred of decency and conscience appears, even faintly, in its reaction to the genocide being carried out with its weapons in Gaza. There’s more objection and revulsion about the carnage taking place in Gaza within the Israeli government than there is within the U.S. government, which is as much repugnant as it is mind-boggling. The Palestinian 7-year old boy who lost totally his eyes yesterday after being hit in his eyes with a white phosphorus waffle (as they call them), a bomb that is prohibited by international law from being used against civilians, which is being showered so casually all over Gaza – that boy wishes to thank the U.S. politicians who pander, so disgustingly and shamefully, to anything that they may perceive as scoring points of loyalty and allegiance to the powerful Israeli lobby in Washington. That had his eyes burned and sealed shut, to the point that he can’t even cry, for his tears have nowhere to go with his eyes being sealed like he doesn’t have any. I wish they’d take a minute to see that boy attempting to talk, trying to understand what did he do wrong to deserve that – yet they, all of our congressmen rushed in droves to vote in support of Israel, except for only 5, and to support all and any additional weapons and ammunition Israel may need to replenish its stocks after it’s used so much of it over the heads of thousands of Palestinian civilians. Have they no shame left – it’s only a job for God’s sake that they are willing to sell their conscience, decency and dignity for. How can they be so conscience-dead, to this disgraceful degree – I am so ashamed, that the great country of USA, who enriched humanity in every imaginable, honorable way, is represented in its congress by such sad, pathetic group of people that has less honor and dignity than street thugs. America, I love you for the idealistic goodness and courage of conviction you stand for, or used to, as much as I am dishonored and disgraced by your representatives and politicians. I only hope, although I’m not holding my breath, that maybe and only maybe tha Obama will show, for a change, that he’s a man of live conscience and rare courage, which has been in extremely short supply within the U.S. political sphere and leadership.

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  7. It’s good this came out now. I imagine such an uproar that the shipment will not take place. Maybe, Dennis Kucinich can stop it in Congress.

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