Israeli general: No village in Lebanon will be immune

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12 January, 2009

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The compiled information below is complementary to Blue Star Rampage: Israel’s Dress Rehearsal for Lebanon By Mike Whitney.


In a video-conference on January 7, Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said:

“What is happening today concerns us all. I know that in Lebanon the eyes of a region are on you. We are all in a sensitive stage in history. I tell you that we do not yet know the magnitude of the plan, the far-reaching effects of the Zionist-American plan and the magnitude of the collaboration. We must all be vigilant at all times as anything is possible.” [1]

Two days later, the head of Hezbollah parliamentary bloc Mohammad Raad warned Israel not to use an incident in which rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into the Israeli settlements as a pretext for sparking a war in Lebanon.

“We are prepared to face any foolishness. We have the wisdom to act calmly and we will not be dragged to any act of which we are not convinced. But we will not accept becoming a target for anyone” [2]

The following quote from a speech delivered by the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert a week before the launch of the Gaza invasion on December 25:

“An additional and dangerous concrete threat, one growing more serious, is the existence of an axis stretching from Tehran through Damascus to the Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Hamas in the Gaza Strip.” [3]

These quotes as well as the Jerusalem Post report below corroborate Mike Whitney’s analysis. As stated in his article, on January 5 Prime Minister Olmert made the following remark to President of France Nicholas Sarkozy:

“In light of our fight against terror – today it’s Hamas, tomorrow it will be Hizbullah…” [4]

[emphasis added]

Preparing for a possible confrontation with Hizbullah [5]

To prepare for another possible war with Hizbullah, the IDF has also drawn up operational plans that it believes will succeed in ending the battle – with a clear and decisive victory – in four or five days, not like last time.


In general terms, the plan consists of two stages. The first: to strike hard at Hizbullah infrastructure from the air, and to hope that this is devastating enough to force Hizbullah to end the war…. The second: to conduct a massive ground attack, probably up to the Litani River, the area where most of Hizbullah’s short-range Katyusha rockets are believed to be deployed.


In the last war, we made a distinction between Hizbullah targets and Lebanese national targets … Now that Hizbullah is in the government – with veto power in the cabinet – there is no longer a reason to make this distinction, since a Hizbullah attack against Israel is essentially a Lebanese attack against Israel. … No village will be immune … We will give them about a 12-hour warning, and then strike back” [a senior IDF general told the Post].



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excerpt from:

Barak: Syria-Hezbollah arms deal will prompt Israeli action in Lebanon

Haaretz, 3 February 2009

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Thursday that the transfer of particular weapons systems [i.e. anti-aircraft missiles] from Syria to Hezbollah would obligate Israel to take action in Lebanon.

There are [weapons] system capable of tipping the status quo in Lebanon and we will need to consider our response should they be transferred […] I do not recommend that Hezbollah try us, the results will be even more painful than one could imagine” he said.

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Blue Star Rampage: Israel’s Dress Rehearsal for Lebanon By Mike Whitney


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