Maria Starts Hunger Strike In Solidarity With People Of Gaza

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Updated: 1.25.09

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Monday, January 12 2009

Maria Gallastegui, founder of the Peace Strike, has started a hunger strike this morning in solidarity with the people of Gaza and to protest against the escalating military assault on the people of Gaza.

MPs and Lords are returning to Parliament today (Monday 12 January) and will be met with a highly visible protest about what is happening in Gaza.

Maria set up the Peace Strike in 2007 which urges people to go on ‘strike for peace’ from their daily activities. She has since personally delivered over 400 daily petitions to No 10 Downing Street calling for peace and justice in the Middle East.

Maria said,

“I have food, drink, shelter, warmth, contact with my family and the rest of life’s necessities whenever I need; the people of Gaza don’t have these. They have almost no access to basic necessities and are living each day in dreadful fear for their lives and those of their families. I am starting this hunger strike in solidarity with the people of Gaza at this moment of extreme crisis. I urge everyone to go on strike for Gaza, take a day off work, come and join us on the Vigil for Gaza in Parliament Square or make a stand for Palestine where ever you are. Every single individual can make a difference.”

The continuous Vigil for Gaza in Parliament Square calls for an immediate end to Israel’s military assault on Gaza, an end to the two-year long blockade and siege of Gaza and for the UK Government to take effective action against Israel.

Come and join the vigil whenever you can, support Maria and let parliamentarians know how you feel about what is happening in Gaza.



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14th day of hunger strike in parliament square

Indymedia UK, 25 January 2009

maria gallestegui continues her hunger strike in parliament square for the people of gaza sunday will be her 14th day without food
she is drinking liquids and taking basic mineral and vitamin supplements
mainstream media is still ignoring her protest even though gaza itself has quickly fallen from the headlines
i filmed an interview with maria on her fifth day
it can be seen at

the socpa authorisation for a vigil of up to 20,000 still stands in parliament square, so anyone is welcome to go and support maria and the people of gaza without legal hindrance



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