Kucinich: 50 Percent of the Population of Gaza Under 14 Years of Age!

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January 13, 2009 C-SPAN

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Kucinich Cites Arms Export and Control Act in Decision to Vote Against House Measure Supporting Israeli Offensive

Kucinich Documents Israel’s War Crimes On The Record! + Israel Bombs “Safehouse”


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14 thoughts on “Kucinich: 50 Percent of the Population of Gaza Under 14 Years of Age!

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  3. Kucinich, should have been our President. He has more morality and justice in his fingers than both Hillary and Obama have in their body and soul.

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  6. Palestinian are subjected to same kind of humiliation in their on own land as Jews suffered at the time second world war in Germany which was their home. Sometimes we become what we hate most. Let us acknowledge that Palestine-Israel conflict will increase the hatred of Muslims all over the world against the USA, Europe and Israel in particular. Its a vicious cycle of events which can engulf the world if not checked right now.

    The biggest mistake on part of USA and Britain was to shift Jews from all over the world affected by Second world war to Palestine. The newly settled Jews banished the original inhabitants that is Palestinian Arabs. To correct one mistake they made another mistake. I think its time to think and stop making another mistake.

    The so called Muslim Governments think they will wipe out Jews & Christians and same is the case with Zionist and Christian Governments who think they will wipe out Muslims. I have used the word Governments because it is not war between people but it is war between Governments. They are playing war games to fill the coffers of big funding military suppliers. Its apparent in the Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the arms used in Iraq and Afghanistan against USA and allies are USA made or made by allies of USA !
    Its a simple and dirty game: First create demand then supply.

    The situation in Middle-East will worsen and all the Arab countries will start buying weapons to protect themselves against Israel. The biggest weapons manufacturer from USA and Europe will benefit from that. Some countries will become allies with USA and sell them crude oil at much lower price in lieu of protection.

    The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime.

    The Gaza attack is the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of innocent civilian whether they are Muslim or not by Zionist regime.

    The above two paragraphs summary:Nazi –>Jews–> Muslims–>?

  7. as a muslim, i am horribly embarassed. the only two muslim members of congress didnt vote against a resolution supporting israel in this war. carson voted FOR an approval of israels war on children, while keith ellison abstained from voting.

    im sickened to my stomach by this betrayal of those two DISHONORABLE men.

  8. My God.

    “We cannot avert our eyes…” A powerful speach.

    We must support Dennis. If we are to live here and be requested to pay for this state-sponsored insanity, we must support he who speaks for us, lest we be complicit in the sponsorship by our government in these crimes.

    There will be a reckoning, but we must be the ones who backed this man and his contribution, this conscientious force in government, the voice of morality, ethics and the rule of law.

  9. i thuogh that in this modern life where the system of the country all around the world have been settled, there will be no more war..

    or even if, i mean if… there is a war, no one can act so cruel and brutal like this.. israel, you’re way too far, what is your motivation? dont you have heart? seeing those children?

  10. Dennis is right

    Dennis is a friend, he’s a straight shooter

    thanks for the video of his remarks before Congress today

    if anyone wishes you can read, “Waiting down from Galilee” a poem on my site that expresses what i think and feel about Gaza and other fighting going on in our world killing and wounding so many children, women and other civilians

  11. Israel creating their own Hitler , These Young gaza children they will carry the revenge for the killing of their family’s and occupying their home land. Israel doesn’t think there will be a judgment day ….sooner or later …

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