President Bush Makes Farewell Address to the Nation

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Propaganda at its finest.  ~ DS


January 15, 2009.

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13 thoughts on “President Bush Makes Farewell Address to the Nation

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  4. I made the mistake of watching this while eating dinner. When I wasn’t choking with indignation and outrage, laughing dirisively and rolling my eyes, I was losing my appetite. Thank God this freak is finally out of the White House.

    God, what a nauseating speech.

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    • Thought you might enjoy the picture. Now the only time I turn on the TV is to watch C-Span (rarely though) and Dan E. now has to bark at the Congress people. Hmm, maybe they need a little barking at?

  6. Frank Rich also has a few rich words regarding Botch:

    But no ‘moving on’ here! Let this 8-year pass with no accountability and the precedent will be set, a warcrime against the future.

    What with flatscreens selling at depression-glass prices, I now get to swoon over Maddow at night and get weak-kneed in the AM watching Mika Brezinski (of the unfortunately infamous father) tangle with a bunch of dimwitted conservative white guys, and couldn’t help noticing with long-deadened dismay how the last interviewers of Botch & Deadwood Dick that I’ve happened to catch like King, Blitz (the worst final interview ever), even Rose just sorta roll over every contentious broken link in the chainey (longing for Russert to ask the tough questions)

    One wonders if falling small planes have anything to do with keeping the real news about botchco ‘out in the cold’.

    And now for the real news: The weather! Got this here amazing animated wall of pixels illustrating in Technicolor the riveting revelation that in winter it gets cold (with luck) and sometimes it also snows…

    Back to Animal Planet ~

    • Thanks for the links, Natureboy, will have to check them out.

      Very funny commentary, well done.

      Animal Planet is the only show I miss on TV. My dog loved that channel, I know he misses it, too.

      Dan E. watching TV

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