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One of the weapons Israel is alleged to have used in Gaza is white phosphorous, a dangerous chemical that burns its victims. Israel has not admitted using the weapons, which some human rights groups suspect come from the US, and one small town in Arkansas. Al Jazeera’s Mike Kirsch reports.

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Gaza’s burn victims add to pressure on army over phosphorus

The Times
January 12, 2009

Pressure grew on Israel to end the use of controversial white phosphorus yesterday as The Times saw more evidence of its deployment around civilian populations in Gaza.

More than 50 people with burns were taken into Nasser Hospital in the southern town of Khan Yunis, in what the hospital director, Youssef Abu Al-Reesh, said was a massive case of exposure to white phosphorus.

“We don’t have the medical experience to judge these cases, but we searched the internet according to the cases we have, and it indeed confirmed that it’s white phosphorus munitions. I have been working in this hospital for ten years and I have never seen anything like this.”

via Gaza’s burn victims add to pressure on army over phosphorus – Times Online.

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  3. In trying to comprehend the deranged logic of this ghastly crime of US militarism, I stumbled upon this page by an Aussie, who logically outlines a comprehensive ‘dirty laundry’ list of US ‘contributions’ to world ‘freedom’.

    It appeared because of a Vietnam-era image of a victim of our White Phosphorous (Caution…).

    I think Americans should be required to learn about the crimes of their country, and not just live here and consume as if it’s all ‘America Good Things’ (or even slightly so).

    • Yes, we should be aware and also choose NOT to work for any company/corporation in the military-industrial complex. We can have world peace if each and every one of us decides to be peaceful in all aspects of our lives (personally in our own families, through our work and our buying habits).

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