Israel Issues False Propaganda to Cover Up War Crimes By Jeremy R. Hammond (video)

By Jeremy R. Hammond
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
Foreign Policy Journal
January 16, 2009


The Israeli Defense force (IDF) released a video claiming to show evidence that Hamas had used a mosque to store weapons, but an analysis of the video casts doubt on the claim. The IDF also falsely claimed Hamas had fired mortars from a UN-run school to cover up its shelling of the school, resulting in the deaths of more than 40 civilians who had taken refuge there. This was the third UN school hit. Israel has also attacked a UN medical center, UN convoys bringing humanitarian supplies into Gaza, and a UN warehouse where such goods are stored.


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7 thoughts on “Israel Issues False Propaganda to Cover Up War Crimes By Jeremy R. Hammond (video)

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  2. Of course Israel commits war crimes, it has done so for many years and has gotten away with it, so why should it stop now? No one will ever hold the Zionists to account for their atrocities, but God will.

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